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Get Social Media Returns without Getting It Wrong

The Return on Investment in social media is big. That’s why 71 percent of financial advisors are using a social channel to bring in new business. But there is another ROI – and that is the Risk of Ignoring massively complicated compliance rules. A whole host of federal agencies are not just monitoring and fining you, they’re mandating that you get your employees up to speed on using new channels in smart and compliant ways.

At the 2013 Content Marketing World Financial Summit, our co-founders, Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard, show you how to take advantage of powerful new channels to engage clients and retain customers — all while staying within regulation.

We hope you can join us on September 12th at the Summit in Cleveland, Ohio

You can get a discount for the entire conference (September 9-12) by using the code “SPEAKER” when you sign up for the event. Learn more by visiting Content Marketing World or simply contact us for more details.

See you there!

new realities for nordic media festival

Thanks for joining us for today’s “New Realities” talk at the Nordic Media Festival. Debra and Betsy enjoyed speaking to everyone about the major communications shifts affecting today’s world.

Here are some links from videos and sources that we referenced today:

Research/information Sources

Creative videos/ new tools

links for twitter sessions at the nordic media festival

It was great meeting everyone at our Twitter sessions for the Nordic Media Festival today. Here are some tips and tools that we discussed in this morning’s sessions:

Research/information Sources

  • Twellow – a directory of people on Twitter and what topics they tweet
  • Tweetchat – a place for live Twitter chats
  • Hootsuite – a social media management tool for scheduling and tracking your tweets and reach
  • Storify – share your stories visually through social media
  • Geofeedia – find social media posts in a certain geographic location
  • Klout – track your influence on social media
  • Topsy – see how far your articles have gone on social media
  • – Not sure which hashtag to use? This one looks at the most popular for certain topics
  • Hashtag Battle – Compare two hashtags



Turning a report into an infographic

As we preach at Mindset, there are many ways to tell a story, and you need to pick the right format for each medium and message.

We have spent the past few months working with the Columbus Education Commission, which was commissioned to chart a better future for children in our community.

Our role on the team was to engage and inform the community through the Reimagine Columbus Education website and the @ReimagineCbusEd Twitter account. We loved the opportunity to help the commission connect with so many residents and community groups.

The commission’s final recommendations are presented in an in-depth report called FutureReady Columbus (it’s posted on the Reimagine website). But the commission also wanted an infographic to share the highlights in a visual style that works on the web.

We’re proud of the result, which is both informative and easy to read. The entire infographic is on the Reimagine website, but we’ve posted a slideshow here that breaks it into chapters.

Social Media Sessions for the Schibsted Academy of Journalism

Debra and Betsy look forward to talking Twitter and other up and coming digital platforms with the Schibsted Academy of Journalism today. We’ve put together a recap of the resources, campaigns and tools which we’ll be discussing in the sessions.

Research/information sources

Creative outreach

New Realities Tools

  • iWitness – a way to track social media in a particular geographic location
  • – a new way to consume news in short bites
  • Automated Insights and Narrative Science – automated reporting that’s become popular in sports and finance journalism

Advanced Twitter Tools

  • Hootsuite – a social media management tool for scheduling and tracking your tweets and reach
  • Storify – share your stories visually through social media
  • Klout – track your influence on social media
  • Topsy – see how far your articles have gone on social media
  • – Not sure which hashtag to use? This one looks at the most popular for certain topics
  • Hashtag Battle – Compare two hashtags’ popularity
  • SocialBro – get analytics on your Twitter followers and top influencers

Power of the Visual Tools

A Big Conversation in Norway

The Mindset Digital team was thrilled to be back in Bergen, Norway, for the Nordic Media Festival this week.

nordiske tweet2

And it was great being part of the backchannel, which was active in both Norwegian and English.

UPDATED FRIDAY: In all, 849 Twitter users tweeted at the #NMD13 hashtag from Wednesday through Friday, generating 2,605 tweets. And together, all of those people were connected to 1.3 million Twitter users. (These numbers are through 5 p.m. Friday, Bergen time.)

That reach reflects the real power of social media — to connect large groups of people around a subject. It’s why we say that Twitter has such promise as a tool for journalists. Whether you’re looking for sources or trying to make sure your story is spread widely, social media can be a great tool.

If you were curious where all the Twitter users were from, 15 countries were represented on the #NMD13 hashtag. The most tweets came from these countries:

Who was tweeting2

Note: Does not equal 100% because of rounding

Thanks again for having us in Norway. Debra Jasper, Betsy Hubbard and Emily Dore would love to stay in touch.

For a recap of our Twitter training yesterday, see our Storify and links. To learn more about today’s talk on the New Realities, check out the Storify or these resources.

links for blue cross blue shield of illinois

In their sessions with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard looked at more effective approaches for creating and delivering powerful messages. They also provided some specific tips for improving presentations and written materials.

Here’s a quick guide to the examples and tools they discussed:

Research/information Sources

Creative outreach

Tips for your presentations

Debra and Betsy offer these 5 fast fixes to improve your PowerPoint decks:
  1. Structure: start with a powerful story that has a clear beginning, middle and end
  2. Reduce the text: Drop the bullet points to ensure people listen to you rather than read your slides
  3. Add visuals: Make your slides visually engaging to the eyes
  4. Use more slides: Keep your audience interested with faster-moving slides
  5. Signal: Give people chapter headings to help them follow your story

Sites for visual inspiration

  1. search for and purchase stock photos, illustrations, videos and audio
  2. Microsoft Office Online:  search for free photos (hint: under Media Types click the “photo” search)
  3. Stock Exchange: database of free, shared stock photos
  4. SlideShare: get inspired by visually engaging presentations from around the world


Why hospitals go social

Our health-care clients ask us all the time — how do our peers handle their social media efforts?

Now we know the answers, thanks to a survey that we have just completed with the Ohio Hospital Association. We’re jointly releasing A Healthy Dose of Social Media today.

The big findings:

  • At 85 percent of the hospitals in our survey, there’s no one working full time on social media. Instead, the vast majority of social media managers are full-time employees who handle social and other duties.
  • Many hospitals were budgeting more staff time and/or money for social this year. About 35 percent said they would increase their 2013 budget, and 49 percent said they would devote more time or staff members to social.
  • Building community relationships, sharing hospital news and building local reputations are the top goals. These hospitals said fundraising and issue advocacy are toward the bottom of the list.

As for the big challenge in using social?

The answers flooded back: time and staff. Although several people said they were still persuading their bosses or medical staff that social is worth the effort, most said their big challenges were supplying the resources to handle their social channels well.

To download this infographic, click here.

The full report is available here.




Join Debra and Betsy on KeyBank’s Key4Women 2012 tour

Our co-founders, Dr. Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard, are on a 17-city national Key4Women tour from Naples, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska, delivering high-energy talks to hundreds of women business owners.

Their keynote talk, sponsored by KeyBank, is focused on the New Realities: Three Communications Shifts Today’s Business Leaders Can’t Afford to Ignore.

Meet them in a city near you.

Winner of Columbus Chamber Business Summit Award

Great news! Our company, Mindset Digital, has won this year’s Columbus Chamber “Emerging Excellence” Business Summit Award.

The “Emerging Excellence” award recognizes one firm as the best of Central Ohio’s newest businesses, based upon its success and contributions to the local economy and beyond. The award winner was selected at the Business Summit on November 13, which annually honors top business leaders across the region. Read here to learn more about the summit and this year’s winners.