Google plays with fire, Jeff Goldblum plays with robots and Reddit plans a makeover: The Week in Review

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Mindset Digital // August 4, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

Last week in social…

Instagram releases stats on the U25 crowd We reported earlier on Instagram’s Stories feature cannibalizing users from Snapchat, and this week, to mark the  one year anniversary of the feature, Instagram released statistics showing the users under the age of 25 are spending an average of 35 minute per day in the app, up from 21 minutes in their last official report. Why release this specific stat? Possibly because Snap reported back in May that its users were spending 30+ minutes per day in its app. 35 > 30, as they say, but stay tuned – Snap is releasing their earnings report next week.

Pinterest adds search + Lens to app Pinterest released some new features to their app, putting Search on the Home Screen (previously, it was accessed by the selecting the Explore tab), as well as a shortcut to Lens, the camera feature that lets you snap a picture of something in the world and the app finds related ideas for you. The company reported more than 2 billion searches on the platform per month, a full 85% of which are now on mobile devices.

Why, Google, Why? Reports surfaced this week that the Big G is testing a desktop search feature that has spawned nothing but negative chatter: video autoplay in search results. While reaction on Twitter was largely negative, Google’s Chrome account provided a link to an extension that will turn the feature off. The autoplay videos initially play with the sound turned off, requiring users to turn the sound on if they want to listen in.  

Last week in technology…

Artificial life, uh, finds a way. Oculus released its first full-length film, a 40-minute mindbender starring Jeff Goldblum, free to everyone with a VR headset. The trailer shows you immersed in the scene as the titular Miyubi, a Japanese toy robot from circa 1982, enduring such catastrophes as a little sister’s tea party, a dying battery, and a 16-bit fantasy land complete with pixelated unicorn. The film has already premiered at Sundance and Cannes. (via Mashable)

Apple complies with China’s VPN purge. For the first time, China has convinced a major foreign tech company to eliminate software designed to circumvent its restrictions on internet access. Though Tim Cook expressed regret over the move, he believed it was necessary to continue offering products only consistent with the “best interests” of local iPhone users. Apple was also asked to remove the New York Times app earlier this year. (via TechCrunch)

Maybe talk isn’t so cheap. Online discussion platform Reddit has, after its latest funding round, approached a valuation of nearly $2 billion. The “front page of the internet” plans to use the infusion of cash to redesign its home page and going on a hiring spree to support its newest venture: recoding the desktop-based site to allow users to directly upload video. The company appears to be recovering well from a difficult year for its reputation, having had to crack down following their inadvertent involvement in “Pizzagate.” (via Fortune)

Last week at Mindset Digital…

Mindset Digital founder Dr. Debra Jasper gave the keynote address at DOYO live this week in Youngstown. You can check out the robust backchannel from her talk, or cue up the latest episode of the Mindset Digital Podcast, where she sits down with Creative Director Pete Brown to preview her talk and opine on staying relevant in the digital age.

For your weekend…

In our hometown of Columbus, Ohio, more than 8,000 riders will roll off Saturday morning in Pelotonia, an annual fundraising ride for the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Center at Ohio State University. Last year’s event raised more than $24 million, bringing the event’s 8-year total to more than $130 million raised for Cancer Research. The Columbus Dispatch breaks down the kinds of research the event has supported.

Mindset Digital Creative Director Pete Brown will be riding in his sixth Pelotonia, and shares some thoughts about the ride in this short video.

On Cancer and Privilege: Pelotonia 2017 – Pete Brown from Blue Monkey Films on Vimeo.

Have a great weekend.

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Pete Brown, Matt Weiner and Michael Harwick all contributed to this week’s roundup.