A big conversation in Norway

Betsy Hubbard
Betsy Hubbard // May 10, 2013

The Mindset Digital team was thrilled to be back in Bergen, Norway, for the Nordic Media Festival this week.

nordiske tweet2

And it was great being part of the backchannel, which was active in both Norwegian and English.

UPDATED FRIDAY: In all, 849 Twitter users tweeted at the #NMD13 hashtag from Wednesday through Friday, generating 2,605 tweets. And together, all of those people were connected to 1.3 million Twitter users. (These numbers are through 5 p.m. Friday, Bergen time.)

That reach reflects the real power of social media — to connect large groups of people around a subject. It’s why we say that Twitter has such promise as a tool for journalists. Whether you’re looking for sources or trying to make sure your story is spread widely, social media can be a great tool.

If you were curious where all the Twitter users were from, 15 countries were represented on the #NMD13 hashtag. The most tweets came from these countries:

Who was tweeting2

Note: Does not equal 100% because of rounding

Thanks again for having us in Norway. Debra Jasper, Betsy Hubbard and Emily Dore would love to stay in touch.

For a recap of our Twitter training yesterday, see our Storify and links. To learn more about today’s talk on the New Realities, check out the Storify or these resources.