Announcing The Mindset Digital Podcast

Pete Brown
Pete Brown // February 5, 2016

Or, why we’re so excited to explore this medium

Do you remember when “podcast” was the word of the year?

It was back in 2005 – more than ten years ago! That year it beat out newish terms like bird flu, IED and lifehack.

Good times, 2005. Good times.

I’ve been thinking about the ten years since because, as you may have seen, many  have proclaimed that 2015 was the Year of the Podcast, and perhaps rightly so. In 2015, we saw the rise of the podcast Serial, which set records en route to 5 Million downloads in iTunes, inspired an SNL parody and is a podcast that has actually spawned podcasts about itself. It was also the year that a sitting President traveled to a one-car garage in California to record an episode of the WTF podcast with comedian Marc Maron.

The Mindset Digital Podcast: Social Media, Learning and Technology

Here at Mindset Digital, we’ve been eager to explore the format for some time now, and today, I’m pleased to announce that the first episode of The Mindset Digital Podcast is now available – here on our website, on iTunes, TuneInSoundcloud and Stitcher. On the podcast, you’re going to meet different members of the Mindset Digital team as we share insights and analysis from the intersection of social media, learning and technology.

In our first episode, we take a look at what the new features Twitter rolled out in 2015 suggest about its overall strategy, break down Twitter Moments versus Instagram Spotlights, and review the top three emoji of 2015. Plus, each episode includes tool tips and recommendations from learning guru Mike Taylor that will make your job easier and more efficient, and – we hope – something on the Internet guaranteed to make you laugh. (You can check out complete show notes here.)

How to Get to the Far Side of Simplicity

We help our clients understand the new realities of communication in the digital world – one of ever evolving platforms and technologies set against our shrinking attention spans. (We’re often pointing out that our human attention span – currently about 8 seconds – is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish.)

That means in all that we do professionally, we strive to reach the far side of simplicity. We don’t believe in dumbing down content, but we do break it down. And if we do our jobs right, we arrive at a concise, tight and wonderfully wrought message that is simple in its stance and elegant in its execution. Which is more than I can say of the quick sketch I’ve made of this process:


Fig 2: How we get to the far side of simplicity, more or less

Under the Hood

No matter the project, it takes a whole lot of work to get to the far side of simplicity, and with the Mindset Digital podcast we intend to share some of that process with you – the ongoing discussions we’re having, the questions we’re asking of new technologies and platforms, and the steps we take to sort the trendy, the intriguing, the relevant and the just plain useful.

The team here at Mindset Digital is, if nothing else, equal parts passionate and eclectic, and that means we’ve got a wide range of opinions and points of view to share. Hope you can come along for the ride.