Betsy Hubbard

Betsy Hubbard, founder and COO/President of Mindset Digital, oversees product development and the design of the firm's online courses. She and co-founder Debra Jasper, Mindset's CEO, are passionate about creating and delivering highly visual, engaging presentations and stories—both online and in person.

They have provided keynotes/consulting to more than 30,000 people from Ukraine to Sweden—engaging crowds of over 3,000 at GAMA Lamp 2016 in Las Vegas and as last year’s national keynote speakers for KeyBank gave talks to thousands of business leaders in 17 cities across the country. As international speakers they have given keynotes to the Ukrainian Council of Ministers in Kiev, the Nordic Media Festival in Bergen, and taught Twitter at the Schibsted Academy for Journalists in Stockholm (they really like saying they’ve taught Twitter in Sweden).

Before starting Mindset Digital, Betsy and Debra spent seven years directing the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio State, where they launched the first social media fellowship for journalists in the nation—showing reporters from CNN, 60 Minutes, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other top newsrooms how to tell powerful stories on the latest channels (writing engaging tweets is a whole lot harder than it looks). They also taught graduate courses in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs on the impact of digital media on public affairs.

Betsy has a background in program design, research and grantmaking (giving away money is a really great job). As a Program Officer at The Pew Charitable Trusts, Betsy initiated a funding program on the civic engagement of young adults, overseeing millions of dollars of related research and projects, including innovative outreach campaigns conducted by Do Something and Rock the Vote. As a consultant, Betsy conducted research on organizational leadership and performance for clients such as the Brookings Institution’s Nonprofit Effectiveness Project and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations. Betsy has a master’s in public policy from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s in political science from Goucher College, with a year spent studying abroad at the London School of Economics.