Tweets and testimonials

"My Social Selling Index (SSI) grew by 31 points just a week after attending your Mindset workshop!"

Lydia Barbara Bashwiner

General Counsel/Claims Manager at Otterstedt Insurance Agency

"Great presentation! Time to amp it up on social media and simplify our message."

David Conover

Vice President of Perfect Execution and Business Excellence at Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

"I was blown away by your presentation. Thank you."

Tina Dendy

Director, Customer Experience at CDK Global

"Power up PowerPoint with @DebraJasper. Eye opening experience from @mindsetdigital #sos"


"Yesterday's keynote from @mindsetdigital CEO @DebraJasper was such an eye-opener on the power of simple, direct communication #COEsummit17"


"Highly recommend Debra and her company. Fantastic advice."


"Attended the ABA Insurance and Risk Management conference... Debra was outstanding and her team provided that shock and awe effect that you don't see anymore.. Very impressive!!!"

Joe Parisi Jr.

Chairman and CEO Otterstedt Insurance Agency

"#ABASummit -Debra Jasper of Mindset Digital was excellent. Teaching Emerging leaders new things."


"Second time hearing @DebraJasper speak & definitely didn't disappoint! #ABASummit


"@ABABankers Please put @Debrajasper in front of the "Emerged Leaders"! Great in everyway. #abasummit"


"I have been booking speakers for 10 years now and we use the same data set for measuring speaker performance. Debra Jasper broke all records. I book over 150 speakers per year and Debra Jasper is #1. My advice: Book Debra before TED does. "

Phil Leahy

CEO Retail Global

"Debra is a dynamic presenter full of amazing ideas. Her approach to social networking is both refreshing and promising, even for those of us who lack the technological propensity for online interaction. In other words, She is Awesome!!"

Anthony Boquet

Author, VP & Adjuct Instructor, The American College

"One of the best keynotes I've heard. Great job @DebraJasper #pubcon #PubconSFIMA #sfima"


"So I honestly think @debrajasper is the best keynote I have ever heard. #pubcon"


"If you haven't heard @DebraJasper or any of the folks at @mindsetdigital speak'll be blown away! What a treat for #2017NSC!"


"Game changing concepts in the #roiss keynote; rethink your LinkedIn profile, write shorter emails & use more slides. Thx @DebraJasper"


"@ROISS what a powerful and translatable message for marketing, personal connections and being a leader from @DebraJasper this morning"


"Wow, Thx @DebraJasper for a great opener at #ROISS! U have a new fan."


"@DebraJasper Used bullet points in an email yesterday. You have changed my life."


"@DebraJasper is speaking about SOS - Short, Organized, Skimmable communications. Word! #RetailROI"


"Fantastic presentation at #ocot16 from @DebraJasper of @mindsetdigital on how to stand out in a crowded space."


"Amazing presentation by @DebraJasper of @mindsetdigital this morning - all 364 slides! Smart, knowledgeable & most helpful. #ocot16"


"Great talk on Bringing a New Mindset to Patient Satisfaction by @BeaconHealthSys & @mindsetdigital. Proud partner moment. ?? #Planetree16"


"Awesome day @Aileron_org w @mindsetdigital @DebraJasper learning everything digital w @KetteringHealth Executives and physician leaders"


"Can’t express enough how excited we are that @mindsetdigital and @BetsyHubbard brought #PlayDoh & are here doing their #digital thing!"


"@DebraJasper Great keynote @RetailGlobalUSA! Glad we had a chance to connect"


"Who has a passion 4 #storytelling LOVING this #keynote by @DebraJasper #woahmoment Woah! #journalism #marketing @Pubcon #pubcon"


"Break it down, don't dumb it down -- @DebraJasper at #pubcon. Great approach in helping them get it!"


"@DebraJasper pumping out so much knowledge my head might explode before the session is over #PubCon definitely will need the deck to re-read"


"Always a fan of the good work from @mindsetdigital @jenlmichaels @chuckarida @BetsyHubbard #llsbc #limra #social"


"I loved using what I learned from @mindsetdigital in a presentation I gave today. 137 slides in my preso, including some #SlidesofJoy! ?"


"@mindsetdigital @coachkarlPA @DebraJasper it was a great presentation! Got many takeaways that I can implement immediately."


"Well, @ABASheryl, those folks are in for a treat. Few bring so much to the table as dynamically as @DebraJasper & @mindsetdigital"


"@mindsetdigital you set the bar! #ababankmktg"


"Capitalize on the back channel. Know if your being tweckled. How good is your visual story? Great discussion with @DebraJasper #ABABankMktg"


"New word of the day: "tweckling"! To heckle someone in a tweet! ?? @Debra Jasper is amazing! #ababankmktg"


"How do you want people to describe you.. The tone has changed. Great stuff from @Debra Jasper ! #ababankmktg "


"It is hard to tell your own story. That's okay. Engage someone for help on your Linked In profile #ababankmktg great info @mindsetdigital"


"#ababankmktg I'm doing a Linked In refresh today; Betsy & Jen @mindsetdigital social session had good ideas to better represent Visa!"


"Isn't social media free? Free like free kittens! Awesome lessons from MindsetDigital. @ABABankMktg #ababankmktg @mindsetdigital"


"We are learning so much at the @mindsetdigital session at @ABABankers marketing conference! #ababankmktg"


"Love this from @mindsetdigital. Content today must be informal, engaging, personable, creative, visual, real-time. So true! #ababankmktg"


"Get Ready For Terrific Debra Jasper / @mindsetdigital Keynote at Pubcon Las Vegas "


"@DebraJasper boy I thought Gorgeous George Lawrence was fast!!! #RetailGlobalUSA great presentation!"


""Write like you talk." Finally, validation of my writing style that was always a critique early in my career. @DebraJasper #RetailGlobalUSA


"Make your communication SOS - Short, Optimised, Skimmable. Good advice from @DebraJasper at #RetailGlobalUSA"


""Think twice, post once." Love hearing from @DebraJasper and @BetsyHubbard of @mindsetdigital #LLSBC"


"Loving the presentation from @mindsetdigital. Always engaging. Always learn something new! #LLSMC "


"Great start to the Friday sessions at #LLSMC w/ @DebraJasper @BetsyHubbard of @mindsetdigital "


"We're grateful for support from @mindsetdigital at the#LLSMC and look forward to seeing them Aug 19-21 in#SanFran! "


"Come to the #LLSMC Twitter session with @mindsetdigital, and you'll be tweeting like a"


"Nice infographic from the fine folks at @mindsetdigital on how Hospitals use Social Media:"


"What can I say? You were spectacular! People loved your message and your delivery; it was the highlight of the conference."

Suzanne Gravette Acker

Director of Communications/Development, Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio

"FANTASTIC! Completely worth my time!"

Keira McGlone

Digital Marketing, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State University

"Congratulations to @DebraJasper, @BetsyHubbard, and @mindsetdigital - finalists for the Columbus Chamber Business Summit Awards"


"As the digital media world continues rewriting our business realities, it’s critical to take both a step back for perspective and a step ahead for competitiveness. The leaders of Mindset Digital inform, investigate and incite the kind of social media innovation crucial to capitalizing on this brave new world."

Melinda Swan

CEO, The Collective Genius

"@JimmyMak1 Are they awesome, or are they awesome? #mindsetff"


"Great insights on ROI for #socialmedia I feel smarter for my clients today! #k4wnap"


"The workshop is absolutely the most engaging and ‘brain-rich’ camp I've attended – so much so, I've attended twice!"

Kathryn Kelley

Chief Advancement Officer, Ohio State College of Nursing

"Changed my ‘mindset’ regarding social media."

Dave Redelberger

Director of Interactive Marketing, Schottenstein Center and Nationwide Arena

"Thanks for exceeding all expectations — CSCC will never be the same! People are still expressing their appreciation for the workshop."

R. Michael Snider, Ph.D.

Former Provost, Columbus State Community College

"@mindsetdigital Thanks! My first #storify appearance Was fantastic to meet y'all. Thx for stretching my brain :-) #k4w"


"@mindsetdigital: Ahh, so that's how you pronounce GIF: ha! I knew something my 14 yo did not! #dontmesswithmamakid"


"Debra and Betsy helped us garner executive support for our social media program. They provided expert advice for developing our corporate social media strategy, and helped us integrate social media into our traditional communication channels."

Dale E. Heydlauff

Vice President of Corporate Communications, American Electric Power

"Thank you so much for all of the time, energy, thinking and expertise that made your session with YouthBuild educators so extraordinary. The reaction and feedback of participants made it very clear that you helped to create new conceptions of what was possible in YouthBuild classrooms across the country. The educators in the room were engaged, challenged, entertained and left in a new place in terms of their thinking about using social media and digital technology in the classroom. We are really appreciative of your work and excited about the potential to work with you again in the future."

Scott Emerick

Senior Director for Higher Education, YouthBuild USA

"Mindset Digital taught me by example how to tell our story, engage our audience and represent our office in a tech-forward world."

Lucy Ramos

Marketing Communications Specialist, Office of the Chief Information Officer at The Ohio State University

"This is the most valuable, engaging workshop I have ever attended – EVER! So much useable and worthwhile information shared in a fun way."

Mindy Bobich

Communications Coordinator, Columbus City Schools, Adult and Community Education

"I'm surrounded by people who understand. Loving @mindsetdigital social media camp. #mindsetff"


"I see the huge and powerful opportunities ahead because of a major shift in my thinking & mindset. Wow!"

LuAnn Stoia

Communications Counsel, The Steiner Strategy Group

"I usually get bored. I was engaged the entire time."

Sue Jones

Director of Administration, The Ohio State University

"I came in as a Muggle and left an apprentice wizard."

Rene Delane

Founder & C.E.O., Women Who Dare

"Favorite line from @mindsetdigital "Slides are free!" Use more slides, less text, more visuals #mindsetff #powerpoint"


"It's time to let go of your analog world. And Mindset Digital will help you just do it."

Ben Gibbons

Marketing Supervisor/Legislative Liaison, Ohio Tuition Trust Authority

"Wow, so much to learn. What great in-depth training. I had no idea about the complexity of this space."

Pete Bender

Electronic Communications Manager, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

"Social media mantra (courtesy of
@mindsetdigital): informal, engaging, personal, creative, visual, real-time #mindsetff"


"Every minute was valuable. Mindset Digital is an appropriate name. The result is a whole new way of looking at the digital universe."

Bret Icenhower

Vice President/General Manager, Brainstorm Media, Inc

"The crowd roared! One of the most engaging presentations I've ever attended!"

Karl Koon

Director of Development, The Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital Center

"I wish Mindset Digital would train everyone I know on the new way of communicating so we could all speak this great new language together."

Tiffany Himmelreich

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Northwoods

"Debra and Betsy helped us see the social media landscape through lenses we wouldn’t have found on our own, and gave us a useful, practical foundation on which to thoughtfully approach both the opportunities and risks presented."

Kim Zimmer

Former Marketing Director, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP

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