Digital Marketing U

Digital, Mobile and Social Media Training for Marketers and Beyond

Your clients and customers are doing business online—and they’re more distracted than ever. Digital Marketing Ua series of highly visual, online courses in LinkedIn, mobile marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and more—will show you how to break through the noise and reach your target audience.

Who’s it for?

Anyone responsible for building your brand reputation and engaging with your customers or clients, including:

  • Marketers, brand and PR teams
  • Corporate communicators
  • Senior leaders
  • HR and employee engagement professionals
  • Compliance and legal teams
  • IT
digital marketing training courses

Digital Marketing U Curriculum

What you’ll learn

A practical guide to the latest digital approaches and what drives online behavior, including:

Digital Advertising

You’ve never had so many options for reaching your audience. Identify opportunities to better target and engage through display, search, social and video advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

Ninety-three percent of purchases begin with an online search. Learn how your clients and customers find their way from search engines to you and how to develop content to engage them.

Mobile Marketing

In this era of shrinking screens, customer expectations have changed. Put in place strategies to reach a crowd that’s increasingly on the move.


Now is the new expectation. Develop compelling content and grow your audience—all in 140 characters.


Position your organization as a thought leader and leverage this powerful network to spread your messages.


Create the right profile, develop engaging content and expand your reach.

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