F8 happenings, Neuralink creation and giraffes having babies: the week in review

Danika Stahl
Danika Stahl // April 21, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

This week in social…

Facebook held their annual F8 Conference and packed it with announcements. Here are the highlights (via Buffer):

  • They plan to integrate augmented reality into social media using native cameras
  • The Camera Effects Platform launched, where developers can create filters
  • Facebook Spaces launched, which is basically like a Skype chat but in VR
  • Bots got an update so they can chat with more people and make better suggestions (supposedly)
  • They’re still working on getting fast, stable internet access to literally everyone

LinkedIn’s new Terms of Service will go into effect in June. Basically, they’re going to make it easier for people (and companies) to see your profile. This also means search engines will have an easier time pulling you up in results. Also included: you’ll be able to opt-in for bot generated responses to InMail. (via TechCrunch)

Snapchat introduced a new 3D feature. Good for you, Snapchat. You’ll now be able to post 3D objects into your videos and pictures that respond to physical obstacles in the real world. Pretty neat. Also coming: 3D lenses that will do the same. Start the timer on how long before Facebook adds this too… (via the New York Times)

Organize your Instagram saves into collections. What does it mean? You can pretty much build mini Pinterest boards within Instagram, should you choose. The collections are, of course, private because you one can see what posts you’ve bookmarked. (via the Verge)

This week in technology…

Nintendo is releasing a mini SNES so they can break our hearts again. Expect to see it on shelves for the holiday season. I’m also expecting the same problems with production—not enough consoles to meet demand—and an early demise, despite success. At least, that’s how it felt when they discontinued the NES Classic. Here’s hoping the sequel is better than the original. (via the Verge)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available. If you want to get your hands on the device and you live in the U.S., Canada or Korea, you can find it in stores now. Reviews have been largely positive, though some tech experts encourage a waiting period. You know, just in case the whole exploding battery thing isn’t fixed. (via TechCrunch)

Elon Musk wants to mess with your brain. He’s building another company, this time called Neuralink. Now it might sound pretty super villain-y to want to connect brains to computers so people can communicate telepathically and compete with AI… but I’m sure Musk would reassure you that he’s just a regular guy, trying to conquer renewable energy, space and the human brain all at the same time. Besides, as far as zany Silicon Valley plots go, enhancing your brain sure beats harvesting your blood. (via MarketWatch)

Remember the $400 internet-connected juicer? On the lighter side of Silicon Valley news, Bloomberg discovered that one of last year’s most funded gadgets—a juicing machine with about $120 million in capital from Google and others—performs about as good a job as using your bare hands. Turns out Juicero’s proprietary juice packets can simply be squeezed into a glass, bypassing the costly equipment… and giving some investors heartburn. This is my early contender for this year’s best Silicon Valley story. (via Bloomberg)

This week at Mindset Digital…

TinyPNG is love. TinyPNG is life… especially if you work with web-based images on the daily. Pete Brown is about to take you on a magical journey of discovery and file shrinking.

Maybe it’s time to cut cable. I mean, all the #COOLKIDS are doing it. Morgan Mulgrew builds a case for abandoning traditional TV and examines her new cable-free life.

For your weekend…

April the Giraffe finally had her baby. Kudos to April for birthing a child larger than I am as an adult. Hooray! It’s cute. It’s tall. It’s healthy. The giraffe became an internet sensation when the Animal Adventure Park started a livestream of her months ago. She even has her own website. More than 1 million people watched her give birth live—no word on how many viewers it would’ve taken for April to get free chicken nuggets, though. (via USA Today)

That’s all folks! Have a great weekend.