Facebook Emoji, #hashtag10 and a total eclipse of the heart: The Week in Review

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // August 25, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

Last week in social…

Facebook’s new emoji are a swing and a miss: Facebook added 125 new family emoji in a wide range of skin tones this week. The catch? None of the families are interracial. Not one. Even Microsoft got this right when they added 52,000 family emoji to Windows 10, covering all manner of family diversities. (via The Verge)

The hashtag turned 10. It’s been 10 years since entrepreneur Chris Messina tweeted:  “How do you feel about using # (pound for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?” and the hashtag was officially born. The Twittersphere celebrated this week with #hashtag10. Social Media Week offers some best practices for using the #. (via Social Media Week)

Last week in technology…

Amazon announced it’s slashing prices at Whole Foods: The tech giant completes its acquisition of Whole Foods this week, and promises lower prices on a whole lot of goods at the grocery store, starting Monday. And Prime members will see even more discounts, which is great news for members but a worrying sign of things to come for the competition. (via Recode)

MoviePass takes off… Would you pay $10 a month to be able to see a movie in a theater every day? That’s the premise behind MoviePass, which saw subscription sales skyrocket to 150,000 after introducing the new $10 price point. The catch? Some of the theaters aren’t thrilled with the service (or all that clear on how the math makes sense—which, to be honest, neither are we), but there’s not much they can do about it since MoviePass has its own purchasing arrangement with MasterCard. (via LifeHacker)

Last week at Mindset Digital…


On being social, even when you don’t want to be.

Social media is likely becoming a more important part of your professional life. But what if you’re a natural introvert, disinclined to share every last deet about what’s going on in your life? Our Ann Cady offers up some sensible tips for introverts to engage on LinkedIn.


Thank you, Internet!

If this week’s solar eclipse taught us anything, it’s that Bonnie Tyler is still alive. Spotify reported that streams of her 1980s single “Total Eclipse of the Heart” exploded by 3,251% on Eclipse Day, prompting multiple new outlets to catch up with the singer on a cruise ship. (Maybe in 2024 we can check in on Nicki French.) Spotify released an animated data visualization showing the increase in streams of the song set against the movement of the eclipse across the country. Because, the internet. (via Spotify)



Pete Brown and Matt Weiner contributed to this week’s roundup.