Facebook Gets Gamey, Google Gets Poddy and Alexa Gets Stitch-Fixy: The Week in Review

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // June 25, 2018

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Last week in social…

Facebook wants in on the HQ craze. Better late than never? Facebook announced they are bringing polls and game features to videos. Polls will be available for live and “regular” videos, while the gamification tools (think HQ, for example) will be for live-only. Maybe these enhanced features were inevitable, given the popularity of YouTube among younger viewers, but let’s hope that Facebook has learned from the past year and has plans to avoid some of the less savory effects of YouTube’s enhanced features. (via Mashable)

Alexa, wake me up in time for the free breakfast. Amazon is angling to become the first concierge you’ll turn to in your hotel room. Their newly announced Alexa for Hospitality system will give hotel guests the ability to do things like control the temperature and lights, watch TV, play music and request hotel services like housekeeping or room service. Marriott will be the first major chain to try the system out in various properties. It sounds convenient, especially for any road warrior who has experienced the joy of trying to find all the light switches after a long day at a conference. But expect privacy concerns to be an issue that hotels will need to address front and center. (via TechCrunch)

No more screenshot notifications on Instagram stories. Good news for creepers. In a welcome example of Instagram not copying Snapchat, you can safely screenshot somebody’s story without the person being alerted. Instagram tested this feature earlier in the year, but confirmed to BuzzFeed that the test is over and they’ve done away with notifications. Not that you’re completely in the clear for checking in on all your exes: users still see who viewed their stories. Also, if we can be so bold? You’re better off without them. Living well—and posting your own exotic stories and oh by the way who’s that new handsome person in the frame—is its own reward. (via BuzzFeed)


Last Week in Tech…

AMC launching its own subscription movie plan. AMC is fighting back against MoviePass, the wildly popular service that gives subscribers unlimited movie tickets for $10 a month. AMC’s A-List program will cost $19.95 per month, and subscribers will be able to see three movies of their choosing per week—even if that means seeing the same movie three times in the same day. MoviePass, meanwhile, has been fending off numerous questions about its long-term business model. But hey, at least they have Gotti. (via Vulture)

Prime Wardrobe: All Amazon Prime members can now try clothes before they buy. Amazon has been testing a Stitch Fix-like service that allows members to order from three to eight items, try them out and then pay for just the clothes they decide to keep. The service began as an invite-only trial, but will now be rolled out to all Prime members. Unlike other programs, there’s no additional fee on top of your regular Prime membership. (via Engadget)

Hey Google, is it time to get in on this podcast craze? Yes: Google has just released a new Google Podcasts app for Android, which kind of seems like something they would’ve been on top of years ago given how popular podcasts are. The company shuttered their previous podcast app in 2012… right as podcasts were about to take off. What they lack in timeliness they’re trying to make up for with convenience: your listening will be synced across Google Assistant, so you can transition seamlessly from the commute home to the living room. (via Fast Company)


Last Week at Mindset Digital…

So it wasn’t last week, but here’s an oldie-but-goodie post we wanted to resurrect in the wake of rumors that Instagram’s new longform video feature will be focused on vertical videos. Creative Director Pete Brown laid bare the case for vertical video last year.

While our eyes prefer horizontal frames, our hands prefer holding our phones vertically. And in the ongoing battle between the two, it seems our hands are winning.”

Thank you, Internet!


It’s about time we had a robot that offers you more cowbell, right?

Yeah it is…

The robot is based on this still-hilarious SNL skit from 2010.