Facebook is the new Craigslist, Google gets new gear and Mindset Digital is going to Vegas: the week in review

Danika Stahl
Danika Stahl // October 7, 2016

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

This week in social…

Mark Zuckerberg demoed his VR vision for social on Thursday. At the Oculus Connect Conference, Zuckerberg shared strides his team has made in virtual reality. He visited Mars and the bottom of the ocean, chatted with friends and played cards all with the use of a VR headset. My rating on a scale of 1 to neato: neato. (via Mashable)

Does anyone want to buy Twitter? Salesforce appears to be the last big contender. CEO Marc Benioff isn’t saying much about decision process, though investors aren’t too keen on the idea. And while some call Benioff a visionary, others are concerned that merging a software and a consumer technology company could prove difficult. (via the New York Times)

Animal, drugs and guns, oh my! These are some of the banned items that appeared in Facebook Marketplace. The new feature, which is basically Craigslist for Facebook, saw numerous prohibited items during these early days. The Facebook team is already on it: resolving the problem super fast before a rollout to more users and desktop in the coming months. (via The Verge)

The 6th annual Streamy awards came to a close on Tuesday. The event gives out awards to various stars from Youtube, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and even Musica.ly who are the best of the best of “internetainers”. Winners included Yousef Erakat, The Philip DeFranco Show and Good Mythical Morning. The event also featured a tribute to Christina Grimmie, a Youtuber who was shot and killed this year. (via Entertainment Weekly)

This week in technology…

Apple’s iOS Development Center opened yesterday in Italy. First of its kind, the center is basically a school for teaching people how to make iOS apps. Just 400 people out of 4,000 who applied will start off as the first class. Each one is the new owner of a free iPhone, iPad and Macbook. Sweet deal. (via Fortune)

Google’s Oct. 4 event went as expected, revealing that gadget speculations in the weeks prior were, in fact, spot on. They announced the new smartphone called Pixel, a Google router, their smart speaker, and my favorite – a VR set that looks like it’s about to go out for a jog. Why are you covered in sweat pants, Daydream View headset? Why? (via cnet)

Verify your online payments by snapping a selfie. Mastercard just unrolled the feature in the European market, after some trials in North America. Just download their app, take your picture and upload it to be stored on Mastercard servers, so they can recognize it when you’re making online purchases. While the verification method isn’t official yet, it will be launched globally in 2017. (via Engadget)

This week at Mindset Digital…


Dr. Debra Jasper is preparing to headline Pubcon 2016, a Forbes “Must Attend” social media conference in the coming week. She first spoke at the conference 2 years ago and now returns as a main stage speaker to one of the largest digital media and search engine conferences in the country.

Meanwhile, over on LinkedIn, Mindset Digital Creative Director Pete Brown says that while Apple’s latest iPhone7 commercials are beautifully shot, the fine print pretty much undercuts their message.

For your weekend…

Comic Con has touched down in New York and social media is flooded with images from the convention. Keep an eye on the hashtag #NYCC to check out the costumes, the panelists and the sneak peeks that will be unveiled over the next few days. (via Business2Community)

That’s all folks! Have a great weekend.