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Fast Focus: The Rise of Algorithms on Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, the giant social media platforms have been giving marketers whiplash by constantly changing their algorithms. But what are algorithms, and why do they matter? If you’re struggling to connect with your audience online, or if you just want to improve your social reach, then this is the Fast Focus for you.

Here are some resources that informed this episode:

History of Facebook Algorithm Changes:

How a controversial feature grew into one of the most influential products on the internet

Who controls your Facebook feed?

Why the Facebook algorithm isn’t against you.

Instagram’s announcement about algorithm change

Three ways to survive the Instagram algorithm update

Keep calm and don’t turn on notifications:
The Instagram algorithm change is a good thing


Twitter introduces new algorithm

Six things you should know about Twitter’s timeline change

The Decline of Organic Social Reach

The decline of organic social reach – and which platforms still have it

Which social media platform offers the best organic reach?


Why paying for social is better than doing social

Facebook Reactions are here: How will they impact your newsfeed?

Facebook just rolled out reactions for all users! In this episode we’ll introduce you to your new best friends, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry, and see how they might one day impact what appears in your new feed.

Here are some resources that informed this episode:
Facebook Testing Reactions:
The Next Web: Facebook is testing emoji reactions – this is the ‘dislike button’
Engadget: Instead of dislike, Facebook is testing ‘Reactions’ animated emoji
Geoff Teehan: Reactions: Not everything in life is Likable

Forbes: Facebook Emoji ‘Reactions’: Are There Ulterior Motives?
Facebook: News Feed FYI: What the Reactions Launch Means for News Feed


LinkedIn profile look good? Now let’s grow that network…

Once you’ve got your LinkedIn profile polished up, your next step is to grow your network. In this Fast Focus video, we highlight three quick tips that make networking on LinkedIn simple, direct and fast. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to expand your connections.

Here are some resources that helped inform this episode:

Requesting an Introduction


Write Better InMail

Fast Focus: The Changing Meaning of Video View Counts

First Facebook closed in on YouTube. Now Snapchat’s making a run at Facebook. But is the video view the same meaningful metric it once was? We take a closer look in this quick Fast Focus update.

Sources referenced in this update –

“Facebook Feeds Give Video a Boost”

“How Facebook is stealing billions of views”

“Facebook, helped by autoplay, surpasses YouTube”

“Facebook Video Plays Up 785%, Over-inflated Due to Auto-play?”

“Snapchat reaches 6 billion video views”

“Snapchat gets 4 billion views, challenging Facebook”

“What’s A Video View, Anyway? Without A Standard Definition From Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube The Math Is Driving Madison Avenue Nuts”

“Snapchat’s Vanishing-Video Advantage Over YouTube, Facebook”


Fast Focus: Facebook is changing Pages for business and brands

While the new dislike button is getting a lot of press, savvy businesses would do better to tune into how Facebook is improving its Pages for businesses and brands. We break it down in the FastFocus segment.

Resources that informed this episode:
US Census Population Clock

GSMA Intellingence

Facebook Pages: Updated for Mobile, Better for Business

Shopify Introduces the Shop Section on Facebook Pages

FastFocus: LinkedIn to Reduce Amount of Email

Few things truly say “summertime” like LinkedIn account settings, right? This super-quick FastFocus module looks at the latest changes LinkedIn is making and how they’re going to impact you – or at least, your inbox.

Resources that informed this episode:
New York Times: LinkedIn Cuts Back:

CNet: LinkedIn cuts emails to users by 40%

The Verge: LinkedIn will finally stop spamming your inbox

The Tonight Show: LinkedIn Monologue

How To: Linked in Email Notifications

How To: LinkedIn Push Notifications for Mobile Devices


Fast Focus: LiveStreaming From Your Phone is Now a Thing

In our inaugural Fast Focus episode, we cover new LiveStreaming apps Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook’s new video service, Twitter’s new features and it’s deal with Google, plus a #FTW case study you’d never expect (hint: banks + Pinterest).