Favorite Examples From Our Keynote Talks

Betsy Hubbard
Betsy Hubbard // May 22, 2012

Meerkats. Guys in funny newspaper hats. The Stroh Center rap. We know our keynote talks move fast, so here’s a few of our favorite examples.

Creative Outreach

Ratings, Search and Monitoring Tools

  • RateMyProfessors.com – compiles student reviews of professors and schools (and yes, there is an app for that)
  • GlassDoor.com – collects company reviews and salary ranges from employees
  • ZocDoc.com – allows people to book doctor or dentist appointments online—and check out ratings from other patients.
  • Socialmention.com – searches a wide range of social media applications; allows you to create daily email alerts on key topics
  • Spokeo.com – tracks activity on social networks and much, much more
  • Personas –  shows “how the Internet sees you”

Other Sites and Tools

  • Pinterest.com – allows you to “pin” and share images online
  • Storify.com – creates online visual stories using social media posts

Research/Information Sources

Social Sites