Get social media returns without getting it wrong

Rob Messinger
Rob Messinger // August 1, 2013

The Return on Investment in social media is big. That’s why 71 percent of financial advisors are using a social channel to bring in new business. But there is another ROI – and that is the Risk of Ignoring massively complicated compliance rules. A whole host of federal agencies are not just monitoring and fining you, they’re mandating that you get your employees up to speed on using new channels in smart and compliant ways.

At the 2013 Content Marketing World Financial Summit, our co-founders, Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard, show you how to take advantage of powerful new channels to engage clients and retain customers — all while staying within regulation.

We hope you can join us on September 12th at the Summit in Cleveland, Ohio

You can get a discount for the entire conference (September 9-12) by using the code “SPEAKER” when you sign up for the event. Learn more by visiting Content Marketing World or simply contact us for more details.

See you there!