Hang a lou at Taco Bell, YouTube’s automated ad problem and VR classrooms for distance learners: The Week in Review

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Mindset Digital // April 20, 2018

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Last week in social…

What You’re Giving Social Networks…

The recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal has us all talking about our personal information—you know, the deets we happily sign over so we can use these services for free. But what, exactly, are we giving up? HubSpot has you covered with this infographic that breaks it down. (via HubSpot)

YouTube’s Ad Problem Isn’t Going Away

A study by CNN found that YouTube’s algorithms are still matching big brands’ ads with extremist video content—something the ad buyers of the world are not so happy about. YouTube has been working on the problem for the past year, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. Big brand Procter & Gamble hit the pause button on YouTube ads one year ago and came back only when YouTube agreed to let them select what channels their ads appeared on. (via Engadget)

Last week in technology…

Google does us all a solid…

Have you ever opened a browser tab at work only to discover that the page in question has an obnoxiously loud autoplaying video that’s blasting Hall & Oates across your particular cube farm? Download Chrome and worry no more: the Big G decided enough is enough and is now dropping an auto-mute on autoplay within the Chrome browser. (via SEJ)

Also from the Big G: Hang a lou at Taco Bell, brah…

Google confirmed this week that they are testing out a feature in Google Maps that uses fast food restaurants as reference points. Reception among Twitter users who have experienced the changes has been positive. (via SEJ)

Will VR make distance learning less lonely? Full Sail University aims to find out

Online learning school Full Sail University has been collaborating on a virtual classroom app that they hope will make the distance learning experience less lonely. Built on top of a virtual reality videoconferencing app called Rumii, Full Sail hopes to give distance learners a better sense of the lecture hall experience. (via Engadget)


Thank you, Internet!

The Twilight Zone was creepy enough, but this compilation of every Rod Serling opening takes it to a new level. This is the greatest mashup since somebody strung together a full hour of Marc Maron saying “Hey Folks.”

Back soon with another update…

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