How financial advisors use social media

Rob Messinger
Rob Messinger // September 20, 2012

Financial advisors are increasingly participating on social networks as they figure out how to navigate regulatory restrictions to gain value from Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn.

How do we know? Here are some of the statistics and stories that back up that idea:

  • Your customers are there: 68 percent of people with investment accounts are on social media, says Forrester
  • Your rivals are there: 71 percent of advisors use social networks for business, says FTI Consulting/LinkedIn
  • How advisors use LinkedIn: Networking is the top priority, says FTI/LinkedIn 
  • Your network is larger than you think: The average LinkedIn user is linked through second-degree connections to 6,000 companies and 9,000 people, says LinkedIn


  • Morgan Stanley: The company announced in June that it’s going to roll out access to Twitter and LinkedIn to all 17,000 financial advisors (NY Times story)
  • $2.6 million rollover: How Morgan Stanley advisor Mark Scribner used LinkedIn to land a $2.6 million 401(k) rollover (Wall Street Journal article)
  • $70 million account: Mitchell Rock explains how LinkedIn generated business for his group, including a $70 million account (Reuters)
  • Charles Schwab’s “I Blew My Cash”: Check out the Facebook site for the campaign
  • Ameriprise’s LinkedIn connection: Read this Forrester case study on how the Ameriprise website uses LinkedIn networks to connect potential clients and advisors
  • Prudential’s Day One campaign: This creative campaign lets the public talk about retirement in authentic terms
  • “The Drawing Board”: Videos don’t need to be fancy to be effective, as this series from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland shows
  • “Brokers vs. Fiduciaries”: HighTower advisors developed this animated video to explain its value to clients