Instagram updates your status, Amazon gets Prime pushback and Tinder hooks you up with Bitmoji: The Week in Review

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Mindset Digital // July 24, 2018

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Last week in social…

Wait a minute, you look nothing like the cartoon avatar in your profile! For those romantics out there who get too tongue-tied to find the right words on Tinder, you might soon be able to use Bitmoji to spice up your online flirting. Tinder is among the first third-party apps to make good use of Snap’s developer platform that just launched. Tinder is testing the feature in Canada and Mexico only for now, but we can’t imagine this won’t become an app mainstay. (via Mashable)

Instagram adds a status update. The new feature lets you know when a friend is using the app and available to DM—or, as many have already expressed displeasure, lets your friends or more-than-just-friends know when you’re ignoring them. If you’re part of the freaked out camp, not to worry: you can disable the feature, although it is on by default so follow these steps to turn it off. (via TechCrunch)

Twitter might be taking on controversial accounts. Or it might just be a glitch. Who’s to say! Probably not Twitter, which has never been too transparent when it comes to enforcing rules and guidelines. In the meantime though, Gizmodo claims (and Mashable has verified) that searching for various far-right accounts no longer appear in dropdown results, in what could be an attempt to limit their viral reach. Although a desktop search didn’t yield the same results, so this could be Twitter still working through some options that haven’t been made public yet. (via Gizmodo)


Last Week in Tech…

Google gets hit with a record-breaking fine in Europe. The $5 billion antitrust penalty was for the company using its Android operating system to “cement its dominant position” in search. This is giving observers a bit of deja vu: Microsoft lost a similar fight in Europe a decade ago and was forced to unbundle Internet Explorer from Windows. And it’s the broader system changes that might make the real impact: the Microsoft ruling helped along other browser options like Chrome and Firefox, whereas a billion-dollar fine itself is more of a slap on the wrist given Google’s $103 billion cash reserves. (via BBC)

Roku wants in on your home theater ecosystem. Roku, best known for its streaming players, is branching out in the device market with new wireless speakers. The product is aimed at the average user (read: non-audiophile) looking for a simple setup and convenient upgrade over a TV’s default speakers. A voice remote and touch remote round out the experience, although there’s no digital assistant… but there’s also no always-on listening, a plus for the privacy-conscious. It’s a promising start to Roku’s Connect platform, but you have some time to decide: the speakers don’t come out until October. (via the Verge)

Amazon has a rocky Prime Day this year. Amazon’s annual Prime Day, which offers discounts and sales on a wide range of stuff, got off to a rocky start this year as the site and mobile app crashed almost immediately on launch. Making matters worse, warehouse workers in Spain and Germany walked off the job, and encouraged consumers not to cross the “virtual” picket line. But don’t cry too hard for founder Jeff Bezos: he’s officially the richest person in modern history. Look out, inflation-adjusted Rockefeller. (via the Amazon-owned Washington Post)

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