Instagram Teases Regramming, Google Scores a Speaker Coup and Walmart Wants to Be Your Concierge

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // May 25, 2018

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Instagram adds regramming, but only to Stories. Users can now send another person’s post into their own Story, where their followers can then tap to view the original. Re-posted stories will display the original username, and are limited to public accounts. Does this mean it’s only a matter of time before an official “re-gram” function comes to the timeline without needing to resort to clunky third-party apps? (via Instagram)

Twitter pulls its third-party apps for Roku, Android TV and Xbox. Twitter seems to have settled on your phone or laptop as the best places to tweet from. A TV? Not so much. The company announced that their apps on TV devices like Roku, Android TV and Xbox are no longer functioning. Oddly, there’s no word on Apple TV yet, but if you’re a TV-tweeting diehard you should probably prepare for the worst. (via Engadget)

Instagram adds a mute button. Thanks to the vagaries of life on social media these days, most of us have accumulated at least a few people we follow that we no longer want in our network but don’t want to formally sever the connection. Enter the mute option for Instagram. While you could previously mute somebody’s stories, now you can tune out an entire profile. Maybe spend the time you’ll get back not reading their posts working up the courage to remove old connections from your network entirely. (via Select All)


Last Week in Tech…

Luxury personal shopping available at… Walmart? Okay, so it’s actually available through Jetblack, a personal shopping startup that’s one of several companies being run under Walmart’s startup incubator called Store No. 8. Jetblack is being tested in Manhattan, and while the company hasn’t released a lot of details it seems to be targeting affluent city moms with on-demand product purchasing and recommendations. While “high net worth urban consumers” aren’t exactly Walmart’s typical demographic, the company comes by its luxury pedigree honestly: Jetblack is led by Jenny Fleiss, co-founder of Rent the Runway. (via Recode)

The smart speaker war heats up. Thanks to basically pioneering the trend—or at least rolling out the first mainstream product to function pretty well, with moments of real “the future is here” joy—Amazon has enjoyed three years of smart speaker domination with the Echo. But Google Home has knocked them out of the top sales spot for the first time in 2018, selling 3.2 million devices to Amazon’s 2.5 million. Amazon still reigns supreme with a 69 percent total market share, but it’s a major milestone for Google—one that should trouble Amazon especially in light of how advanced Google Assistant has gotten. Sad trombones for Apple, whose HomePod hasn’t done much to get the company off the smart speaker sidelines. Of course, hanging back might not be a bad strategy while privacy concerns get worked out. (via Gizmodo)


The PlayStation 4 is down to its last life. Bittersweet news for gamers: the successful (and profitable) PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle, according to company executives. Hardware cycles are nothing new, but the most interesting sign of the times might be Sony’s acknowledgment that they hope online software and services like the PlayStation Network (PSN) and PlayStation Plus can offset the drop in hardware sales as the console nears obsolescence. Company sales targets are also more focused on monthly active PSN users vs. just the number of consoles sold. Whatever comes next, Sony has confirmed there won’t be new hardware announcements next month at E3. (via Polygon)


Thank you, Internet!

Sure, every memorable album cover tells a story. But what if you could see a little bit more of that story just out of frame?

That’s just what artist Igor Lipchanskiy has done for popular albums. Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar… they all get their own unique spin on the world outside the one iconic image. Follow Lipchanskiy’s Instagram for more.

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