Instagram vs. Snapchat, Snapchat vs. Instagram and Uber against the world: last week in review

Matt Weiner
Matt Weiner // June 26, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

Last week in social…

Instagram beats Snapchat at their own game. Again. Soon after Instagram rolled out Snapchat-style stories, the feature quickly hit a staggering 200 million daily active users. That wasn’t great news for Snapchat, but it might be even worse than we thought: not only are Instagram Stories thriving—they’ve now hit the 250 million mark—but engagement with Snapchat Stories is down 50 percent vs. the same time last year. This suggests Instagram Stories aren’t just complementing people’s Snapchat use… they’re cannibalizing it. (via Mashable)

Snapchat sees custom content as the answer. Credit to Snap, they found one feature Instagram can’t copy: exclusive made-for-Snapchat shows. A $100 million deal with Time Warner will include scripted drama, daily news, documentaries and comedies. The deal also includes more ad spending from Time Warner—good news for Game of Thrones addicts and anxious Snap investors alike. Of course, this also means we start the timer on when we’ll hear an announcement about a made-for-Instagram TV series. (via TechCrunch)

In case that geofilter didn’t give it away… Snapchat isn’t going all-in on scripted content just yet. The latest app update also includes the Snap Map, which is—you guessed it—a map for your snaps. If users opt into the feature, they’ll show up as “Actionmoji” on a global map along with popular events and landmarks (hello, advertising opportunities!). On the plus side, it’s a really cool social feature if your friends are all on Snapchat. On the negative side, it could get real creepy real fast: the Actionmoji try to “infer” what you’re doing based on contextual data. Also on the negative side: this is a feature Instagram will totally copy in a few months. (via Select All)

Spotify improves party planning for the social set. The streaming music service gave a big boost to its social features this week: people can now use the Spotify Chat extension within Facebook Messenger to create music playlists together with friends. And once a user creates the Group Playlist, additional people in Messenger can add songs even if they aren’t on Spotify—which is both incredibly convenient and a clever way to win over new subscribers. Need song suggestions? A certain creative director here at Mindset Digital reminds us that Van Halen released the single “Panama” last week in 1984, so… you’re welcome? (via the Verge)


Last week in technology…

Another week, another Uber update. We can upgrade Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s CEO status from “embattled” to “kaput.” Just last week, Kalanick announced he was taking a leave of absence amid a disastrous year of PR nightmares surrounding Uber’s toxic workplace culture. That half-measure wasn’t enough for Uber’s major investors, who demanded a full resignation this week—and got it. It’s been a remarkable year for Uber, which is still valued at nearly $70 billion but clearly has a long road ahead when it comes to rehabilitating their company image. (via the New York Times)

They grow up fast, don’t they?

The 10th anniversary gift is tin and Gorilla Glass, right? It’s been ten years this month since the iPhone revolutionized how we avoid talking to people during meals. Expect all sorts of deserved retrospectives next week, but I think a fascinating testament to the iPhone’s cultural impact is the Wall Street Journal chart comparing lifetime sales to other iconic products. Sony’s Walkman, the previous portable music champ, took 30 years to get to 200 million sales. The iPhone has already topped 1 billion in a decade. (via 9to5Mac)


“Your world record does not impress me.” That was basically the response from Elon Musk after “hypermilers” set a new record, driving 560 miles in a Tesla Model S on a single charge. Driving like a hypermiler isn’t feasible in real conditions, but it’s still cool as hell (and a good way to see what impacts fuel economy). And Musk—Tesla’s co-founder and all-around withholding father figure, apparently—thinks the record can go even higher: he tweeted that another 62 miles (100 km) should be possible “with the right tires.” (via Electrek)


Last week at Mindset Digital…

All your data are belong to us. Our content strategist Jen Michaels sits down with Pete Brown to talk about the privacy-woke social network archiving platform They also lighten things up with a muffin vs. cupcake debate (the correct answer is “whatever, give me all the bagels”) and even some advice on buying a saddle for your horse. Good times.



Thank you, Internet…

(Formerly For Your Weekend, but it’s Monday now, amirite?)

What’s the biggest “whoopsy-daisy!” you’ve made at a new job? If you haven’t had to chase a runaway bus across three city blocks, congratulations: you’re having a better week than this rookie bus driver.

Note: this video contains brief but wholly warranted profanity

The Daily News reports that it was the bus operator’s third day on the job. Amazingly, nobody died or was seriously hurt.