LinkedIn offers a new Experience, public radio joins forces and a nice, quiet chat about digital death: The Week in Review

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Mindset Digital // August 17, 2018


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Last week in social…

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LinkedIn redesigns the Experience section. The site will automatically group consecutive positions at the same company together in an effort to better visualize your career path. The feature will kick in anywhere you have more than one role at the same company within one month of each other. Since this happens automatically, it seems unlikely you’ll be able to opt out of this new grouping layout. Although our own take: this is a helpful visual update, and a welcome one. The display will roll out to both desktop and mobile in the coming weeks. (via LinkedIn)

Facebook tightens up the rules for influential accounts. Select accounts with large audiences now being required to verify location if they want to continue publishing new posts. On the user side, people will be able to see the country from which a page admin is located. Instagram is expected to follow suit in the coming weeks. The new verification process does not apply to pages that are already verified, or ones engaged in a “managed relationship” with Facebook. (via Mashable)

Instagram adds private polls. The polls will function the same as they have been in public stories: users can now select a poll sticker when sending DMs, for both individuals and group threads. The feature was a big hit with Stories, and if anything seems even more well-suited as part of direct messages. At least now you won’t have to fret about a wider audience knowing you’ve got some bad opinions. (via Social Media Today)

Last Week in Tech…

Two major public radio networks join forces. As any NPR listener will be quick to point out in casual conversation, public radio comprises four national distributors of programs, not just “NPR.” Now the two smallest companies—PRX and PRI—are merging, with an eye on podcasts as a path to future success. Public radio has been facing increased competition from podcast companies, while also navigating internal tensions over promoting their own apps and podcasts at the expense of traditional stations who pay to air public radio shows. PRI and PRX executives say that the new company will help them get in front of the future of public media. (via the Wall Street Journal)

Live. Laugh. Love.

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Viva le Lime? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, electric scooters have gone global. The scooters, which seemingly overnight have blanketed every US city big enough to have competing “favorite place to get a pourover” coffee shops, face the same regulatory hurdles abroad that they do stateside. But cities are increasingly working with the scooter companies to iron out workable rules, permitting and pilot programs. Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber have also invested in scooter services as a way to bridge the “last mile” gap. (The correct answer, by the way, is hate ‘em.) (via TechCrunch)

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It’s so hard to text goodbye. Would you spend your last living moments in the company of strangers? A new app asks users to consider doing just that, with a virtual twist. “Die With Me,” an app that’s more philosophical art project than social network, opens to a chatroom only open when your phone has 5 percent remaining on its battery life. Charging above 5 percent will kick you out of the chatroom. Instead, you can choose to spend the precious minutes your phone has left communing with strangers going through that same unique modern panic of being out in the world and knowing you’re about to lose a lifeline we tend to think of as impossible to be without these days. Good times. (via the Verge)


Last Week at Mindset Digital…

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1) why you need to know who your top social seller is, and

2) the myth that posting = prospecting


Thank you, Internet!

Happy birthday, Magic Johnson! The five-time NBA champion and Laker legend celebrated by posting a video on his official Twitter account this week. So far so good, except the image quality was, let’s just say, not great:

The video raised a lot of questions on Twitter, mainly: why doesn’t Magic Johnson have a better camera on his phone? And why would anybody—least of all a beloved celebrity—upload that video and not delete it after seeing the image quality?

Personally, we’re big fans of Magic’s distinctly dad-like power move. So what if the picture looks like it was taken underwater? The man is there to enjoy some birthday cake and celebrate with friends! And then share that nearly unwatchable moment with his 4.6 million followers!

Still, Magic racked up almost 1 million views for a blurry video with poor sound. So maybe the joke isn’t really on him.

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