Messenger Day, information leaks and April the giraffe: the week in review

Danika Stahl
Danika Stahl // March 10, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

This week in social…

Facebook has its very own Snapchat. It’s called Messenger Day. It works exactly how you think it does. Take a photo, decorate it and save it to your 24-hour photo bundle so your Messenger contacts can see. The feature is very similar to what Facebook rolled out on their other platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram, in the past year. Not everyone has the feature yet, but it’s making its way across Android and iOS now. (via Facebook)

Pinterest bought Jelly (and basically one of Twitter’s co-founders). No, I’m not talking about preserves. Jelly is a question and answer app created by Biz Stone and Ben Finkel. It’s basically a tiny search engine that gets its answers from your friends. The two companies joined forces because they have “…the same interest in reimagining search.” (via Digital Trends)

Caution: this profile may include potentially sensitive content. You may encounter this message on Twitter and need to click “Yes, view profile” to move forward. Is it a new feature? Maybe. Certain tweets have been blocked as sensitive content before, but it’s pretty new to have a whole account under warning. It’s possible this is a feature added to combat Twitter’s ongoing cyber-abuse problem, much like the new Twitter settings announced last week. (via Mashable)

After all these years, are we finally getting a dislike button? Facebook is testing it out, but only on mobile, and only for a select group. Some Messenger users may notice the new feature: reactions in their messaging. Just like on desktop, you’ll be able to react to texts you’re sent…but this time, there’s an option to hit thumbs down. (via the Verge)

This week in technology…

So what is Vault7 and why do we care? Basically, Wikileaks released a bunch of documents that show how the CIA can hack devices from various tech companies: think iphones and smart TVs. This could have an impact on the relationship between big tech companies and the government, who is supposed to notify them of vulnerabilities so they can fix them. (via CNET)

Uber is looking for a new COO. After what can be summed up as a very, very bad month for the company, CEO Travis Kalanik is finally admitting he needs a little help. From a leaked video of Kalanik fighting with an Uber drive (yikes) to company-wide sexism allegations, there are plenty of reasons for Uber to bring someone else on board to restructure leadership.  (via TechCrunch)

Mind-controlled robots: they’re real. Ok, so they’re not totally awesome yet. All Baxter the robot can do is read your brainwaves to know when it’s sorting items wrong, like, 70% of the time. Sure, that makes Baxter a better mind reader than me, but I’m good at other stuff, right? RIGHT? (via NPR)

Moon tourists: coming to a satellite near you in 2018. Or so Elon Musk hopes… Two (for now anonymous) individuals approached Musk all, “Hey, can you send us around the moon? We don’t want to touch it. Just go around.” and Musk was all, “Yeah. How’s 2018 work for you?” And they were like, “We’ll clear our schedules.” At least, that’s what Musk announced on last week, despite the fact that SpaceX has never put a crew into low-Earth orbit. (via the New York Times)

This week at Mindset Digital…

A riddle: What’s the difference between Instagram and Snapchat if they keep stealing each other’s features? Pete Brown has some enlightening answers.

Struggling to write an all-encompassing LinkedIn headline? I have the secret recipe. Read on.

What tune is personal finance singing? Let’s get digital, digital. The Mindset Digital podcast has a brand new episode format that covers one cool-as-heck app. This time we talk Digit, the automated savings app.

For your weekend…

So many people want to see this giraffe give birth. That’s right. I’m talking about April. At any given time, you can find 100,000 or so people tuning in to the live feed to watch her wander around her home being all tall and majestic and, mostly, not giving birth. The camera went up on February 23 and April is still just doing giraffe-y things. But who knows, maybe soon we’ll see a fresh new calf.

She’s truly become an internet sensation and even has her own website. And, due to popular demand, the Animal Adventure Park has started a GoFundMe for April and her other giraffe friends. (via Fox 31)

That’s all folks! Have a great weekend.