Mindset Digital CEO and Visual Storyteller Headlining on Wednesday at Forbes “Must Attend” Social Media Conference in Vegas

COLUMBUS, Ohio, October 7: When Mindset Digital’s Founder and CEO Debra Jasper delivered a session at Pubcon two years ago, she moved through 170 slides in 30 minutes.

 It was, a Huffington Post writer noted, “a fast-paced talk on the power of being visual” that demonstrated the effectiveness of telling brand stories through more images–less text.

Next week, Debra will take the main stage at Pubcon, one of the largest digital media/search engine conferences in the nation, to share strategies with nearly 3,000 attendees on how to capture attention in today’s hyper distracted digital age.

With visuals making up 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain, Jasper said, visual storytelling is becoming the norm for most of us. Now companies have to catch up.  “It’s easy to get a message out these days,” she said. “What’s hard is getting your message in — getting people to slow down and pay attention. With today’s audiences, that takes images. Lots of them.”

A former investigative journalist turned  international keynote speaker, Jasper has given talks to more than 40,000 people from Boston to Budapest. She said she is especially excited to be taking the main stage at Pubcon because she’s joining some of the most amazing experts in digital marketing in the country, including Robert Scoble, noted futurist and entrepreneur in residence at UploadVR and Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst at Google.

Brett Tabke, Pubcon Founder and CEO, said he invited Debra to keynote this year because she “inspires with engaging and actionable communication, online marketing, and social media wisdom.” Jasper is scheduled to present her keynote “A Passion for Storytelling” at 1:20 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12.

Jasper said she shifted from writing for newspapers to telling visual stories, in part, because attention spans were getting shorter and shorter. “To inform, you must first engage,” she said. “In this era of Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and more, audiences have more sophisticated visual expectations.”

The shift took her from a writer who traveled the country covering presidential campaigns and  government malfeasance, to a speaker who travels the world helping leaders tell their own stories with more power and impact.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to be part of a company focused not so much on what’s now, but what’s next,” Jasper said. “At Mindset Digital, we’re always looking at how social and digital trends are changing how we communicate.”

Jasper, former director of the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio State, left in 2011 to launch with co-Founder Betsy Hubbard the digital media firm, Mindset Digital. The firm offers a range of consulting and training services, from online, gamified training in digital marketing and social selling to 1:1 coaching for executives in how to optimize your brand online.