MSD Podcast Ep. 10: Talking refrigerators, refrigeration-related snark and murder

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // January 13, 2017
Alexa, CES and Wendy's

In this three things episode of the Mindset Digital podcast, three team members get four minutes each to bring host Pete Brown up-to-speed on recent and interesting developments in the ongoing digital revolution.  Matt Weiner talks Alexa and CES, Jen Michaels talks Alexa and murder, and Hope Madden proves that refrigerator-smack-talk is totally a thing. Check it out!

Show Notes:

From Matt Weiner

Alexa all over 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Plus, proof that Weiner’s love of the song ‘Yakety-sax” knows no bounds:

From Hope Madden

Wendy’s settles beef with Tweep

From Jen Michaels
Alexa. Dollhouse. Cookies. Rementioned on local news. Viewers’ Alexas attempt to order more dollhouses. Put a passcode on your Alexa, y’all. Or disable voice ordering.


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