MSD Podcast, Ep. 7: Building an Audience on Twitter

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // August 18, 2016
Mindset Digital Social Media Training Podcast

Today, it’s easy to put your message out there…but how do you get people to tune in?

In our Building an Audience series, we’ll look at how real (non-celebrity) people have built a robust audience on social media, and how it benefits their professional careers.

This  episode features Mindset Digital’s Mike Taylor, who has grown a healthy audience of seven thousand followers on Twitter. How did he do it? Using his personal method of “working smarter, not harder.”  Plus, we talk about how to determine who’s in – and should be in – your audience, and a new intern takes up the challenge of finding something on the internet guaranteed to make you laugh…

All this, plus some wise words about ferrets.  It’s Episode 7, and it is awesome.


Growing an Audience

10 ways to promote your podcast

Importance of brand voice

Why no one is paying attention to your content



Twitter to remove 140 character limit

Sprout Social handbook for growing a Twitter audience


Curating Content

The Mike Taylor method for curating content (video):





Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools


Mike Taylor’s list of e-learning professionals to follow on Twitter


Mike Taylor’s Blog


Something on the Internet Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Video Response to the Weirdest Dog Ever Video

Is a ferret right for you?


Music and SFX in this episode included:

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