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[RetailROI: Jan. 18, 2017]

This is SuperSaturday 2017


Check out what happened at SuperSaturday 2017 at the Harvard Club in New York City. Learn more about this event that has helped over 200,000 children in the past 8 years by visiting

[OnWallStreet: Nov. 16, 2016]

Getting social media to work for advisers

How many emails, voicemails, push notifications, Facebook updates, Twitter mentions and phone calls have you had today? How many have your clients had? Cutting through the noise is getting harder every day, says Sami Scarpitti, account director at Mindset Digital, a marketing and consulting firm. Read more.

[Search Engine Journal Podcast: Oct. 31, 2016]

How to Attract an Audience With Visual Storytelling With Debra Jasper

At Pubcon 2016 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak with Debra Jasper, CEO and Founder of Mindset Digital, about the power of visual storytelling in marketing. Read more.

[Engage with Andy Busch: Oct. 28, 2016]

Engage with Andy Busch, EP038 Debra Jasper Mindset Digital

Engage w/Andy Busch has 8 sec to tell you that this week we have CEO @mindsetdigital Debra Jasper on. Find out why. Read more.

[Ohio Travel Association: 2016]

Interview with Debra Jasper, Mindset Digital

Debra Jasper, Ph.D, Founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, is an international keynote speaker passionate about creating and delivering highly visual, engaging presentations and stories. Read more.

[vya: Oct. 3, 2016]

Recapping the ABA Bank Marketing Conference 2016

Social channels can be a vehicle for employees to be a personal representation of the brand. Debra Jasper, Founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, addressed this topic explaining that to be a leader in the digital age you need to be a digitally savvy leader. Employees’ social presence should be personable. But remember, casual does not mean careless. Read more.

[Mindset Digital: Oct. 17, 2016]

American Bankers Association Aligns with Mindset Digital to Provide Cutting Edge Digital Media Training to Bankers

As more people use smartphones and other new technologies for banking, more bankers are looking to get up to speed on the changing digital economy. That’s why the American Bankers Association has chosen Mindset Digital, a leading edge digital training firm in the financial arena, to offer its digital media e-learning on the ABA platform. Read more.

[Mindset Digital: Oct. 7, 2016]

Mindset Digital CEO and Visual Storyteller Headlining on Wednesday at Forbes “Must Attend” Social Media Conference in Vegas

When Mindset Digital’s Founder and CEO Debra Jasper delivered a session at Pubcon two years ago, she moved through 170 slides in 30 minutes. Next week, Debra will take the main stage at Pubcon, one of the largest digital media/search engine conferences in the nation, to share strategies with nearly 3,000 attendees on how to capture attention in today’s hyper distracted digital age. Read more.

[Pubcon: March 8, 2016]

Mindset CEO Debra Jasper To Keynote Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

We’re pleased to announce that noted digital storytelling expert Debra Jasper, Ph.D, founder and chief executive at Mindset Digital, will present a major keynote address during our PubCon Las Vegas 2016 conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read more.

[Pubcon: Aug. 3, 2016]

7 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Miss Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

 Jasper is an international keynote speaker who specializes in helping business leaders take advantage of powerful new platforms and visual approaches to engage audiences and build deeper connections. Thousands of people from across the United States are enrolled in her firm’s highly visual, online courses in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, SEO, mobile marketing and digital advertising. Read more.

[Mindset Digital: Oct. 28, 2015]

Mindset Digital Launches New Online Social Media Training for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals

LIMRA, LOMA and Mindset Digital today announced a new set ofLeading in a Social World courses, designed to get financial professionals up to speed on the most powerful social media channels. Read more.

[Mindset Digital: Aug. 18, 2015]

We’re One Step Closer to Ridding the World of Bad Training

LIMRA and LOMA have partnered with digital media training firm Mindset Digital to launch today a new series of online courses in LinkedIn, Twitter, and mobile marketing for their nearly-1,200 member companies worldwide. Read more.

[Huffington Post: Oct. 8, 2014]

Thoughts from Pubcon, Day One

Mindset Digital founder Debra Jasper gave a fast-paced talk on the power of being visual, a subject near and dear to my heart. She raced through nearly 170 slides in 30 minutes. Read more.

[Mindset Digital: Nov. 13, 2014]

Top Hospitals Doubling Their Followers on LinkedIn

Many top hospitals across the country have generated tens of thousands of new followers on LinkedIn over the past year, according to research conducted by Columbus-based training firm Mindset Digital. Read more.

[Mindset Digital: Feb. 19, 2014]

Mindset Digital Expands Team as Growth Continues

Columbus-based training firm Mindset Digital is continuing its rapid growth, bringing in two award-winning storytellers and former journalists, Pete Brown and Spencer Hunt. Read more.

[The Blade: Nov. 1, 2012]

3-day forum in Toledo to draw reps from 300 telecom companies

Ms. Bur­chard said the ses­sions, pre­sented by so­cial me­dia ex­perts Betsy Hub­bard and De­bra Jasper, co-found­ers of Mind­set Dig­i­tal LLC, will help tele­phone com­pany ex­ec­u­tives bet­ter un­der­stand how to use so­cial me­dia like Face­book and Twit­ter to their ad­van­tage. Read more.

[USA Today: Oct. 31, 2012]

Hurricane Sandy shows dark side of social media

Debra Jasper, a co-founder of the social media consulting company Mindset Digital, says fact-checking is as quick on Twitter as the spreading of misinformation. Indeed, posters immediately began asking the source of the information on the flooding at the stock exchange. Read more.

[WOSU: July 31, 2012]

Tech Tuesday: Crowdfunding, Online Newspaper Paywalls and Gadgetry

It’s Tech Tuesday! On this hour, we’re talking about social media crowdfunding, online newspaper paywalls across the country and the move to online news consumption and the latest gadgets.

Guests: Debra Jasper (digital media consultant and Co-Founder, Mindset DigitalRead more.

[WOSU: Jan. 11, 2012]

“Social Media” News and Journalism

Joining Ann Fisher, John Glenn School Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs journalism director Debra Jasper. Read more.

[Columbus Dispatch: July 25, 2011]

Out of necessity, old dog is learning a few new tricks

Debra Jasper, a longtime friend and former Statehouse press corps colleague, guaranteed that she could teach this old dog some new tricks. Jasper and Betsy Hubbard, her co-director of the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism, had trained more than 6,000 people from around the world at their OSU KipCamps and through their company, Mindset Digital, on how to use the ever-evolving tools in the realm of digital media. Read more.