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Oct. 17, 2016
Oct. 7, 2016
Oct. 28, 2015
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[Q&A] The Ohio State University Center for Operational Excellence, March 15, 2017
[Video] American Banking Association, Feb. 13, 2017
[Video] RetailROI, Jan. 18, 2017
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Mindset Digital gets you up to speed in a digital world. We are dedicated to helping people adopt not just the new skills but the new thinking it takes to connect in a digital age. That’s why we offer online certifications in digital marketing, selling in a social world, leading in a social world and more. We understand that everyone is busy, so our highly visual, interactive courses are offered in snackable sessions that you can watch on your smartphone or tablet. We’ve also provided keynotes and in-depth camps to more than 45,000 people in person. So we know how you learn and what you most want to know. We’re passionate about our work, our connections with our clients and about delivering incredibly high-quality work (and we love powerful storytelling). To find out more, visit


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