Our top tips for presentations

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // September 4, 2012

Debra and Betsy will be talking today about how to improve your presentations during the Tech Tuesday segment of All Sides with Ann Fisher on WOSU (89.7 FM).

Tune in (on the radio or via live streaming from the WOSU website) during the 11 a.m. hour to hear them.

Debra and Betsy offer these 5 fast fixes to improve your PowerPoint decks:

  • Structure: Start with a powerful story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Signal: Give people chapter headings to help them follow your story
  • Simplify: Take complex subjects and unpack them in a way that the audience can easily understand your meaning
  • Reduce the text: Give people the highlights — what’s most essential
  • Three-second rule (if people can’t understand a graphic, photo or other complex visual slide in three seconds, it’s usually best to rethink the slide)

And five other tips:

  • Templates are evil: Think of each slide more creatively and artistically
  • Drop the clip art: Use real photos instead (be sure to check the copyright)
  • Beware of the pretty people: If you have an authentic message, why use staged photos?
  • Avoid the web: When possible, embed videos or web visits instead of relying on an Internet connection during a presentation
  • Slides aren’t handouts: Links or other detailed information belong in a handout, not in your slides