[Podcast] Ep. 28: UPS dogs, Amazon Key, Juicero and Zeef

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // November 9, 2017

In this Three Things episode of the Mindset Digital Podcast, Pete Brown recruits Jen Michaels, Mike Taylor and Matt Weiner to help catch him up on what’s happening in the digital world. From artificial intelligence to UPS dogs to Amazon Key and something called Zeef, tune into this week’s episode. Plus, we make our first Harambe joke in at least six months.


Bodega, an indoor vending machine whose name stirred up a lot of backlash.

Juicero, a $400 internet-connected juiced made by the same company of Bodega.

ZEEF, a curated directory of tech and development resources.

Tracy Parish, a ZEEF user who utilizes the site to share free eLearning tools and resources.

UPS Dogs, Facebook and Instagram pages where UPS drivers share pictures of dogs from their delivery routes.

WeRateDogs, a Twitter account that shares adorable photos of dogs and purportedly rates them on a scale of 1 to 10.

Amazon Key, a smart lock that allows mail couriers unlock your door to put packages in your home instead of outside of the door, which has stirred up questions of security.

Amazon Dash, a small device that will automatically order household items that you’re running out of with a touch of the button.

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