[PODCAST] 43: The Year of Living Android-ly…iPhone 11 quick takes…a walk through the Google Graveyard

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // October 17, 2019

Matt Weiner recaps his past two years using a Google Pixel 2 and reveals why he just switched back to an iPhone…plus his quick take on the iPhone 11, a walk through the Google Graveyard and something on the internet that will make you laugh!

iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 3

Google Graveyard Tweet

Demise of Google Clips

Warriors Dancing Lady in Ugly Sweater


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Some music is courtesy of the website Audionautix.com, and some sound effects are courtesy of freesound.org. Both licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. “Make Me Laugh” Interstitial by Kevin Davison.