Weekly Roundup: Facebook Shuts Down Spammers, Elon Musk Revives X.com and Snapchat’s Hot Dog Days of Summer

Kelly Rudolph
Kelly Rudolph // July 14, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know to silly new trends.

Last week in social…

Facebook tackles spammers. The social media network is trying to weed out accounts that post a lot of links to low-quality content. The new security changes will target people who post publicly 50 times or more per day. Don’t worry, big business: this rule only applies to individual account pages, not company pages. This change is the latest move in Facebook’s recent efforts to combat the spread of fake news. (via Mashable)

Snapchat is losing its streak. A few months ago, Snap (the parent company to Snapchat) went public with their opening share price rising from $17 to $24. Fast forward to a few days ago when Morgan Stanley, one of Snap’s lead underwriters, priced their shares at $16 (a full dollar below Snap’s original guiding share price, and a rare move this soon after going public). This has caused Snap’s shares to fall, and people are beginning to worry that new features aren’t improving the app’s ability to make money—and all this while Instagram keeps crushing them in user numbers. (via Independent)

Take control of your own notification settings. LinkedIn will start sending you a daily roundup of the most important news going on as well as sending you a notification about how many people found you via a LinkedIn search. But feel free to mute any or all the notifications because LinkedIn is letting you do that now. The platform has started letting its users customize their notifications settings with options to mute, unfollow or turn off certain notifications. Say goodbye to those pesky birthday notifications! (via LinkedIn)

Last week in technology… 

Uber knows everything and nothing. Silicon Valley is looking to strike a balance between collecting a bunch of data while still maintaining everyone’s privacy. Enter Uber’s new data collection method called FLEX. FLEX allows Uber to collect and analyze massive sets of data without knowing personal details about specific users. (via Wired)

Alexa, forward this conversation to companies. Speaking of the balance between data and privacy, Amazon might be open to expanding how much data gets shared with Alexa app developers. In a marked expansion of what’s currently shared, developers may be able to get a transcript of exactly what people ask when using a Skill. There’s definitely an upside to this: developers can make sure their apps respond better to how people actually speak in the real world. But this is likely just one of many new privacy debates we’ll be having in the coming years as smart speakers explode in popularity. (via Select All)

Net neutrality vs. the Federal Communications Commission. In case you avoided the Internet on July 12th, thousands of websites joined together on Net Neutrality Day of Action to protest the FCC’s decision to overrule the net neutrality guidelines in Title II. The topic is both really important and really boring-sounding, so basically we’re doomed. (via The Verge)

 X marks the Musk. Elon Musk just bought back his old web domain from PayPal called x.com. No one knows what Musk has planned for the new old site, but the website is live and displaying a lone lowercase x in the upper left-hand corner. Whatever it is, we’ll have to wait one more day to find out just what big reveal Musk has up his sleeve. (via Gizmodo)


Last week at Mindset Digital…

Psst… Looking to switch jobs? Need to keep it on the Q.T.? LinkedIn’s Open Candidates tool wants to help you find that new dream job without putting you on blast to your current company. We walk through all the tips and tricks to get started with Open Candidates.

Hate cancer? So does our creative director Pete Brown, who is riding in his sixth Pelotonia, a local event that raises funds for cancer research at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute at Ohio State University here in Columbus. Each year, Pete collects some thoughts about cancer and the ride in a short video that’s worth a few minutes to watch.

For your weekend…

That’s one hot dog! A seemingly random Snapchat filter of a dancing hot dog has turned into a viral meme overnight, and people are getting very creative with it. I know what you’re thinking. How many different ways can you really use a hot dog filter jamming out to some tunes? (And why is there so much relish?) Well the Internet has heard your skepticism and has answered with tons of funny videos like the one below.