Selling in a Social World

Social Media Training for Sales Teams

Today’s clients are different. They’re busier. More distracted. And more likely to connect with your sales teams on LinkedIn than over a cup of coffee.

Selling in a Social World demonstrates how to:

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Expand your networks
  • Showcase your expertise

Who’s it for?

Anyone involved in the sales process, including:

  • Sales teams
  • Account managers
  • Business development teams
  • Marketing managers
  • Senior leadership
social selling using social media

Selling in a Social World Curriculum

What you’ll learn

A practical guide for selling through social media. Learn new sales approaches, as well as how to leverage LinkedIn and Twitter to find prospects, build client relationships and increase your thought leadership and visibility.

Selling in a Social World:

Develop a deeper understanding of how clients and customers are connecting online through social platforms, and how to shift your sales efforts to keep pace.


Create a powerful professional profile and adopt new techniques to strengthen your relationships and drive new business.


Expand your thought leadership, stand out from the crowd and amplify your personal—and professional—brand.

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