Snapchat’s makeover, Pinterest’s Lens and Smell-O-Vision’s revenge: The Week in Review

Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // November 17, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know to silly social trends.

Last week in social…

Say goodbye to Messenger Day. And hello to Facebook trying to make Stories happen, attempt number… we lost count. Facebook Stories and Messenger Day used to be separate entities, but the two will now merge under Stories. Posting temporary stories within Facebook or Messenger will now sync across both apps. Other changes include Facebook getting rid of Direct, which allowed users to send photos directly to friends for a limited time frame. New features include a Snapchat-like ability to add collaborative Stories for events, which will be moderated by the event administrator. (via the Verge)

Snapchat’s getting a makeover. On December 4, Snapchat will undergo a major redesign in a nod to the app’s infamously unfriendly user interface (at least to anyone over the age of 16). We’re not sure if the UI alone explains why it’s been so difficult for so many people to take a picture of themselves and add a filter, but here we are. Snapchat has confirmed some of the big changes include: messages and stories will all be accessed from the same side, to the left of the camera. The right side, formerly home to all story-related content, will be reserved for publisher content and public “Our Stories” events. Stay tuned for more once the update rolls out. (via Business Insider)

Good news for people who thought Twitter’s problem was not enough news at all hours of the night: Bloomberg will be Twitter’s first official 24/7 rolling news network. Around 50 journalists will be assigned to work the site, slated to launch mid-December. Good thing Twitter just expanded their character limit to 280 characters. And now we can unfollow all those news outlets in different time zones that we added to feed our content addiction. (via Engadget)


Last week in technology…

Does this outfit pique your Pinterest? Pinterest has been wildly popular for online curating and planning. Now the company is rolling out new features to make that connection more immediate IRL. Starting with Pinterest Lens, users can take pictures in the app and perform a “visual search” of clothes in their closet and the function will allow users to find items similar to what they already own. Users can also modify the search through text, like specifying “beach outfit.” And in a plus for advertisers, Pinterest is also generating QR codes to help people easily find a retailer’s collection online. (via TechCrunch)

Airbnbye. Like many cities where housing shortages are a serious issue, Paris limits how many nights a year a residence can rent out the entire home to visitors. However, these local laws have been difficult to enforce—unless you happen to run a website that can easily track how many times a home has been put up for rent. Airbnb, purveyors of just such a site, has agreed to start enforcing the regulation: starting in 2018, four neighborhoods near popular Parisian tourist sites like the Louvre can no longer rent out their houses to Airbnb beyond the locally allowed 120 nights per year. While this is a step towards keeping rentable apartments available for residents, officials in Paris aren’t happy that the company is still flouting the rules in 16 other neighborhoods. (via CNN)

Smellable VR is upon us. The film world has a spotty track record when it comes to using smell to enhance a sensory experience. But that hasn’t stopped scientists and inventors from abandoning the technology, and with VR headsets becoming household items scent might finally be ready for a breakout role. A number of companies are betting there’s big business out there in everything from video games to cocktails to, er, other use cases we won’t go into on a family blog. Just imagine: one day you could sit down to a healthy, eco-friendly plant-based meal, while in virtual reality experiencing the tenderness, taste and smell of a juicy steak. Or maybe blueberry pie. (via Engadget)


Last week at Mindset Digital…

What’s UPs dog? This week on the Mindset Digital podcast, Pete Brown challenges Jen Michaels, Mike Taylor and Matt Weiner, Mike Taylor and Jen Michaels to catch him up on what’s happening in the digital world. From parcel pups to a wary debate over Amazon Key, join us for a quick recap of what we’re keeping an eye on in the digital world.

The 280-character apocalypse is upon us over at Twitter. Catch up on news about the social network, plus the iPhone X release. It’s three top stories from the week so you won’t feel left out at the cocktail party.


Thank you Internet!

Prepare to see the purest video in the world. Meet Nugget the Corgi puppy. (Already among the most adorable combinations of words in the English language.) Nugget loves playing with the neighborhood dogs, but he hasn’t figured out that his best dog friend Bonkers (because of course) has moved away.

Like every great animal movie, it’s adorable, it’s heart-wrenching… and there better be a sequel that ends happily so we can stop crying. (via Twitter)