Snapchat’s Redesign Facelift, the State of Net Neutrality and Digital Well-being

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Mindset Digital // May 21, 2018

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Snapchat redesigns the redesign. The app finally concedes that widespread user anger and negative reviews about their drastic interface update might have been onto something: Snapchat will revert back to a design that arranges Snaps and Chats chronologically and moves friend Stories back to the right-hand side along with other Discover content. For casual Snap fans, this might be enough to keep users (and, more importantly, celebs and influencers) from abandoning the app. But some still think the redesign doesn’t solve the problems at Snapchat that got them in such dire straits in the first place. (via Lifehacker)

Last Week in Tech…

Senate votes to repeal the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality

In what many call a largely symbolic vote, the US Senate voted 52-48 to overturn the FCC’s repeal of Obama-era Net Neutrality rules, which went down in the face of heavy public opposition this past December. The resolution likely faces an uphill battle in the Republican-dominated House. (via NPR)

Lyft is testing a monthly subscription plan. Frequent users of the rideshare app have received invites for an “All-Access pass” that includes 30 standard rides for a $200 monthly fee. With the “free ride” value covering up to a $15 trip, the deal can pay off for heavy users with taking longer daily trips. The math makes less sense for average rideshare users, but it’s still an intriguing glimpse at the future of transit and the auto industry. How much is your car payment, and how much would you pay for your own driver and no more gas and maintenance worries? (via Mashable)

Is Google taking aim at Dropbox? Google One rollout expands capabilities.

The cloud storage business continues to evolve, and Google is stepping up its offering with a host of new features for its cloud offering, Google One. The service is expected to compete with Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s 365 and Dropbox, and includes access to Google Experts for any needed assistance.  (via Google blog)


Last Week at Mindset Digital…

What do a fancy timer, scarily real Artificial Intelligence and your own well being have in common? We spend 4 minutes discussing each of these in the latest episode of the Mindset Digital podcast, 3 things edition.


Thank you, Internet!

This is more of a sad “miss you, Internet!” than thank you, Internet, but…if you came of a certain age alongside the web’s adolescence… this hits hard. The core question: has the internet gotten boring or has the author aged out of what he used to find compelling? There’s something about the anarchy of those early days that maybe this is still out there, kept alive by The Youth. I don’t know. (Hi, Tumblr, how’s it going?)