On being social, even when you don’t want to be

Ann Cady
Ann Cady // August 24, 2017

As an introvert who’s juggling responsibilities outside of work and inherently skittish about putting a public persona out there, being on social media is not one of my favorite things to do. So what to do if you’re at a company or in a profession where being a part of social media isn’t only helpful, it’s darn-near required?

For me, that means stepping out of my comfort zone a bit. Here at Mindset Digital, we’re in the business of helping professionals make a successful transformation into the digital world and embrace the benefits of social media, especially LinkedIn. Though we aren’t required to be on social media, it sure helps us do our jobs better—and I’ve seen the benefits firsthand.

Let me share a couple things I have learned about being more social on LinkedIn.

Schedule it

Time is always a challenge, so put an appointment on your calendar to check LinkedIn daily. I do this as part of my start to the workday: open email, check my calendar, look at my to-do list and get on LinkedIn. I spend 10 to 15 minutes looking at my news feed, and I make sure to like or comment on at least a few items.

Find inspiring and interesting stuff

My connections post a lot of interesting information, but there are also tons of groups, publishers, and influencers out there to follow. I picked a few that interest me and always know I have something intriguing to look at. (Thanks Gretchen Rubin, Susan Cain, my alma mater…)

Post regularly (with help)

This is an area where I could use some serious improvement, and I am going to be a little more diligent. In fact, one of my colleagues (thank you, Mike) has shared a lot of tips on how to use tools like Feedly to get great content out there in much less time. Check out Mike’s tips in our Mindset Digital Episode 7 podcast or on his blog.

Check your progress

I don’t know about you, but whenever I put effort into something, I like to see if my work is paying off. LinkedIn has a few ways to see if you’re making positive strides. First, thoroughly fill out your profile to achieve all-star status, which helps you get more views on LinkedIn. (But don’t forget to proofread! “All-star” just measures quantity, not quality.) Second, check out your Social Selling Index.

Even though it sounds like it’s just for sales people, don’t miss out: SSI is available to all LinkedIn users and measures your activity on the network relative to your industry. I personally like this check because a trackable number score gives me some internal kudos when it goes up—and reminds me to get more active when it goes down.

Although I’m not a social media maven, these tips have helped me realize the benefits of regular engagement on social channels, starting with LinkedIn. If an introvert like me can enjoy participating in the ongoing online conversation in today’s digital world, what are you waiting for?