Create more leads.
Develop more clients.
Close more business.

Cold call success rates are a dismal 0.3 percent.
And other old-school approaches don’t work either.
What does?

The Social Selling Habit is a highly interactive and effective training program for sales teams. We show you how to use the world’s most popular social business platforms — most notably LinkedIn — to make stronger impressions, create deeper connections and generate more introductions and client meetings. All of which leads to more sales.

The Social Selling Habit combines short, engaging online training with game-based competition and rewards, plus check-in coaching and tracking to ensure your team truly develops the Social Selling Habit — fast.

Why the Social Selling Habit Matters
1) Sales has changed — and your competition has, too.

LinkedIn reports that 90% of top salespeople rely on social selling tools. Putnam has found that 95% of financial advisors now use some form of social media for business.

2) Cold calling doesn’t work.

A study by Baylor University tracked cold-call efficiency at 0.3% conversion. That means it can take 330 calls to get just one meeting.

3) Social selling does work.

Social selling quadruples closed sales that come from warm referrals, according to Nielsen. And Forrester reports that sellers who use social get 66% greater quota attainment.

4) The key is making it a habit.

While the others guess and experiment, you can activate habit-forming strategies that work — and work fast.

"Every minute was valuable. Mindset Digital is an appropriate name. The result is a whole new way of looking at the digital universe."
Brent Icenhower, Vice President / General Manager
Brainstorm Media, inc.
How the Program Works
The world is mobile and fast. Learning should be too.

Social Selling Habit is a learning app. It includes six levels of learning, broken into 28 micro-lessons of inspiration and instruction.

From live keynotes and workshops to ongoing coaching, tracking, reinforcement and rewards, our comprehensive program is designed for easy implementation and lasting impact.

You’ve never seen sales training this targeted, this effective, this complete.

  • Establish a professional, personable and robust presence on LinkedIn
  • Drive increased visibility with prospects and influencers
  • Connect with new prospects to get more new opportunities
  • Deepen relationships to grow your pipeline and advance sales
Choose the program and enhancements that work best for your organization:
Create the Habit
Learning that sticks
Our complete toolkit for social selling success
Smart Start
launch and promotion package
Social Selling Habit™
mobile, gamified training
Six Weeks to Success™
reinforce and reward
Change the Culture
Create lasting impact
1:1 coaching plus deep dives that take learners further
PowerUp Keynote
inspire and motivate
Deep Dive Workshops
hands-on and practical
LinkedIn Makeovers
set the standard
Performance Coaching
engage your teams and leaders
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Read the Buzz
"My Social Selling Index (SSI) grew by 31 points just a week after attending your Mindset workshop!"
@Lydia Barbara Bashwiner, General Counsel/Claims Manager at Otterstedt Insurance Agency
"Great presentation! Time to amp it up on social media and simplify our message."
@David Conover, Vice President of Perfect Execution and Business Excellence at Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions
"Debra and Betsy helped us garner executive support for our social media program. They provided expert advice for developing our corporate social media strategy, and helped us integrate social media into our traditional communication channels."
@Dale E. Heydlauff, Vice President of Corporate Communications, American Electric Power
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We’re proud LIMRA and LOMA have chosen Mindset Digital as exclusive digital training partner for their 800+ members.

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make it a habit!
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