The Cybersecurity Habit is an innovative program that gives team members the skills and confidence needed to stay safer in our digital world, both at work and at home.

The Cybersecurity Habit creates change through:

  • micro lessons that make learning easy and effective
  • gamified quests that put new skills into immediate practice
  • a dynamic self-check that primes people to tune in to the training
  • Cyber Challenge videos that reinforce best practices and offer advanced tips
  • team discussion guides that keep security awareness top of mind
  • Pre- and post-surveys to assess behavior change


You don't need "check the box" training. You need behavior change.

As work and home overlap more and more, your focus must move beyond your company’s walls.

Enlist your team. Reduce your risks. Get everyone to practice safer digital habits, 24/7.


Understand the impact of cyber attacks on people, communities and businesses.