The secret to Pinterest? Themed content

Rob Messinger
Rob Messinger // June 6, 2012

“If you look at what’s happening today, it’s an evolution of our relationship with customers. Business had been in the habit of talking at customers. This is about talking with customers.”

Jim Wright, the senior vice president of marketing at Express, told this to The Dispatch for a story about the rising value of Pinterest to brands.

The story quotes a couple of recent studies that speak to Pinterest’s potential:

  • “Pinterest users follow an average of 9.3 retail companies compared with 6.9 retailers for Facebook users, according to the 2012 Social and Mobile Commerce Study released by, comScore and the Partnering Group.”
  • “Purchases by Pinterest users from a retailer on the site averaged $80 in value, twice what Facebook users spend per order,” according to this study.

I had seen those numbers earlier, but I found the cases cited in the article more interesting. They show how big brands are emphasizing themes to connect with their customers on Pinterest.

Dispatch reporter Tim Feran talked, for instance, about Victoria’s Secret. He noted that the brand had about 1,000 Pinterest followers in February but the number had jumped to 10,460 by this week.


The reason that it works is that Victoria’s Secret is creating themes that connect with people on Pinterest, said David Shaw, senior social media strategist at Resource Interactive.  “They’re great at … giving people a reason to pursue links,” he told The Dispatch.

By the way, Victoria’s Secret has a Facebook page with about 18.7 million likes. So the Pinterest page has a ways to go, but you can’t ignore a site that was the fastest to hit 10 million unique visitors in a month.

Express says it has developed Pinterest boards around topics, such as “date night” for Valentine’s Day, after noticing that customers were pinning its clothes.

“When you’re looking at something like this, it’s about putting the customer first and having a relationship with the customer,” Wright told The Dispatch. “Everything builds off of that.”

Any of this resonate with you? Is Pinterest providing a return for your business?