Tips Tuesday: Prioritizing Your Facebook News Feed

Kelly Rudolph
Kelly Rudolph // October 10, 2017

“Why didn’t you like my last Facebook post?”

This is a phrase I hear too often in a nice text message reminder from a friend asking me to like their Facebook post. This weird question always prompts the same response: “Oh I didn’t see it, it must’ve been buried in my feed.”

Half the time that’s a lie because I didn’t think a sped-up video of someone making lasagna completely out of cucumbers warranted a like. But the other half of the time it’s the complete and honest truth—the post itself didn’t appear in my news feed when I last checked it.

Facebook now allows you to prioritize posts in your news feed by going to people’s profiles and changing your preferences so that specific posts appear first.

You can also show the same preferences to company pages as well. If you’re looking for a job at your dream company, peg their posts first on your feed. That way if the company posts about job openings, you won’t miss out because it was buried in your feed. (This is especially important if you want to stay on top of a company page: if a company isn’t boosting their posts, organic traffic could be as low as 3 percent.)

Here’s how to prioritize companies or your friends’ profiles one at a time.
Step 1: Go to the page or profile that you want to prioritize as first.

Step 2: Next to the like button, there’s a following button. Hover over the following button and a drop menu will appear.

Step 3: Click See First.

Repeat these steps for any other profiles you want to prioritize.

Another way to see more diverse content is to abandon the algorithm altogether and view your feed in chronological order. You’ll have to manually force this option every day or so (Facebook won’t save your preference), but even just doing this from time to time is a good way to see what content is and isn’t getting served up by the algorithm. To view stories by most recent, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your news feed and on the left-hand side click News Feed.

Step 2: Click on the three dots next to News Feed and a drop-down menu should appear.


Step 3: Select Most Recent and your feed will re-order itself chronologically.

From this screen selection, you can also customize multiple friends and company pages to see first.

Step 1: Click Edit Preferences.

Step 2: From the Preferences menu, click Prioritize who to see first.

Step 3: You can prioritize all (both pages and actual friend profiles) at the same time, or you can separate the two.

To sort between people, pages or all, click the all button in the left-hand corner of the preference box to get a dropdown menu and change it to pages only.

You should now see only your pages, like this:


If you want to sort friends only, click on the same box as before and choose friends only.

If you want to sort friends and pages at the same time, choose all.

Whether you chose to sort all at once or separate, the next step is click on all the icons you want to appear at the top of your news feed.

To view which people are included in your current list, click People you see first.

Finally, click done.

There you go, your news feed is now customized to what you want to see.