Top Hospitals Doubling Their Followers on LinkedIn

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Thursday, Nov. 13 — Many top hospitals across the country have generated tens of thousands of new followers on LinkedIn over the past year, according to research conducted by Columbus-based training firm Mindset Digital.

That’s right, LinkedIn. Hospitals’ popularity is skyrocketing on this powerful social media channel that is often overlooked by traditional hospital marketers.

The Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, the MD Anderson Cancer Center and others have seen tremendous growth in the number of people following them on LinkedIn. Mayo Clinic’s LinkedIn following, for example, jumped more than 70 percent – from 28,400 followers last year to more than 48,600 today.

Considered a prime tool to find and recruit new doctors, nurses and healthcare administrators, the research shows how critical LinkedIn is for building brand reputation, and showcasing thought leadership in the healthcare field.

Beyond hospitals and healthcare organizations, doctors are also beginning to more fully leverage LinkedIn, in part because their profiles can sometimes rank higher than ratings sites in online search results. More details on that shift can be found in a Mindset Digital report, The Doctor is LinkedIn, which can be found here.

“LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful channel for hospitals and doctors seeking to build their thought leadership and stronger connections with patients,” said Mindset Digital Founder Debra Jasper, who co-authored the report.

“More than two million doctors and nurses are already using LinkedIn, so the site is not just for job hunters anymore. It’s for anyone seeking to expand their connections and enhance their organization’s reputation.”

Additional information about how healthcare organizations are using LinkedIn can also be found in a Mindset Digital story published by Becker’s Hospital Review, a national magazine that reaches thousands of hospital administrators.

The story, “Mining Social Media: Hospital Marketers’ build followings, brand reputation on LinkedIn,” can be found here.

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