Twitter rounds up, Amazon gets hungry and Nintendo has super news: the week in review

Matt Weiner
Matt Weiner // June 16, 2017

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

This week in social…

Tfw your own company doxes you to terrorists… Facebook received positive press recently for promising to hire thousands of new content moderators, but a new wrinkle might thin out that applicant pool. A security lapse accidentally exposed moderators’ identities to suspected terrorists. (Who among us…) The Guardian reports that over 1,000 workers were affected, and at least one has gone into hiding. It’s a horrible thing to happen, but don’t expect these kinds of stories to slow down as social media continues its maturation from teen time-waster to a mainstay in every facet of our lives. (via the Guardian)

Twitter made some minor design changes and nobody complained. Hahaha are you new around here? Everybody freaked out, big time. Here are the official changes, via Twitter’s blog: a streamlined navigation menu, updated typography, new icons and—most “controversial”—round profile photos. Still not included: an edit button. A guy can dream, right? (via Wired)

We will never be royales with cheese? I’m not even sure if this counts as #sponcon, but Instagram was rocked by celeb news this week when a New Zealand blog claimed that megastar singer Lorde ran a secret onion ring ratings account on the side. The account, @onionringsworldwide, has since been shut down after being found out because frankly this nosy world doesn’t deserve Lorde and this is why we can’t have nice things. (via Vanity Fair)

This week in technology…


Gamers, rejoice! E3 is in full swing—the annual gaming expo filled to the brim with press conferences, upcoming releases and sweet video clips. This year didn’t disappoint, with major announcements from big players, news that Spider-Man is coming back to consoles and—my personal favorite—Super Mario meets dinosaurs. Yep, dinosaurs. (via New York Magazine)

Uber admits it has a problem: After an almost impressively stacked year of PR debacles, embattled CEO Travis Kalanick announced he’s taking a leave of absence at a company-wide meeting this week. The company now has a slew of recommendations to clean up a toxic corporate culture. On the plus side, it’s about time Uber took real steps to rein in what sounds like a hellish environment. On the negative side, they have significant work to do: during the meeting about harassment, Uber had to reset its “days without a harassment incident” calendar—a board member resigned after making a disparaging remark about adding women to the board. Baby steps. (via the New York Times)

Amazon fills its shopping cart. First it was IRL bookstores, and now it’s actual grocery stores: Amazon continues its expansion into meatspace (literally) with a $13.7 billion cash purchase of Whole Foods grocery stores. This probably means one of two things: well-to-do shoppers will get organic vegetables even faster, or Amazon will flex its formidable logistical muscle to make top-quality food more affordable for the masses. Jk I think we know how this will shake out. (via the New York Times)

Apple revs up its self-driving car program. Better late than never? Apple joins Google, Tesla and Uber in the race for self-driving cars. Apple CEO Tim Cook (finally) confirmed the news, but some very big questions are still up in the air: will Apple go the software route like Google, or will their obsession with design spur them to build an entirely new car? Either way, the Genius Bar is going to need to add a drive-through. (via Mashable)

This week at Mindset Digital…

Hello, my name is… We’re all in on the power of a good LinkedIn network. But you could be missing out on a valuable early touchpoint if you’re not customizing your connection requests. It’s more buried than ever with the new LinkedIn layout, so head over to our blog to find out how to customize messages—and why it’s vital.

For your weekend…

Michael Phelps is going to race a shark. No, that’s not a cool nickname for some hot new competitor. Phelps will be swimming against an actual great white shark to celebrate this year’s Shark Week for the Discovery Channel. Sure, this sounds a little unfair at first. But keep in mind: Phelps has 39 world records, 23 Olympic gold medals and eats 10,000 calories on cheat day. The man is a beast. Good luck, Mike. And keep those fingers tucked in.

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