Twitter reforms the timeline, Amazon upgrades the Echos and retro gaming levels up: The Week in Review

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Mindset Digital // September 21, 2018


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Last week in social…

Twitter brings back a true chronological timeline. Well this should be interesting. Bucking the trend of just about every other major social media platform, Twitter gives users back the option of no longer being at the mercy of the almighty algorithm. For years now, in an attempt to drive up engagement, the Twitter timeline has been more and more crammed with popular content regardless of timeliness: tweets followers liked, people you might want to follow, tweets you might have missed… The result might well have helped tweets go viral, but it made a giant mess for anyone just trying to see content from people they want to follow, and in real time (to say nothing of trying to catch up during breaking news). New timeline options now let you go back to chronological bliss. Best of all, we actually get an option to turn the feature on or off based on personal preference. Imagine that! (via Select All)

Courtesy of Instagram

A GIF is worth a thousand DMs. Instagram now supports sending GIFs in Direct Messages. The feature appears as a GIF button when typing a message, and is powered by Giphy. In addition to being on other major platforms like Twitter and Snapchat, Giphy was already integrated with Instagram through the use of Story Stickers. But while this might not seem like a major feature update, it’s a clear signal from Instagram that they want to hold onto their dominance of younger users—something parent company Facebook should definitely be worried about in light of audience attitudes toward that platform. (via TNW)

Alexa, surprise everyone with a bunch of new hardware. Okay so this is more tech news than social, but we already had a video game theme planned out before Amazon dropped their surprise product announcement yesterday and we don’t want to throw off the symmetry. Products range from the expected (upgraded pairable Echo Dots!) to the “huh?” (an Alexa microwave!). Although as random as an Amazon microwave or wall clock sounds, it all makes sense as part of Amazon’s larger push to become an essential—yet virtually unnoticed—part of your life from sunup to sundown. See for example the new Echo Auto, a plug-in accessory that brings hands-free connectivity to any car regardless of what factory software or platform it came with. (via TechCrunch)


Last Week in Tech…

Who needs Spider-Man when you’ve got Mario? Good news for Nintendo Switch owners (or potential ones who didn’t fight scalpers for a sold-out NES Classic): a library of classic NES games will go live this month, along with old school NES controllers. The games will be part of the September 18 Nintendo Switch Online service. And they’re not skimping on titles: subscribers will get A-list titles including Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. The controllers will retail for $60. (via Mashable)

Although who needs Mario when you’ve got Cloud Strife? Even better news for PlayStation devotees who have been feeling left out of all the mini-console nostalgia right now (I mean, come on, even Neo Geo made a mini version and nobody could afford to own one of those back in the day). The PlayStation Classic console will retail for about $100 and include two replica controllers so you can relive your Tekken showdowns. The full game lineup hasn’t been announced, but Tekken 3 and Final Fantasy VII are confirmed so they already have our money. (via the Verge)

But it’s less-than-sonic speeds for Sega’s Mega Drive. Bad news for Sega heads though: the company announced it will delay the 2018 Japanese release of their mini console, the Mega Drive Mini. The 16-bit throwback, to be released as the Genesis Mini in North America (we got our own special name back in the day), is now scheduled for a simultaneous worldwide release next year instead. If you don’t need the cartridge nostalgia and just want to play the games, you can skip some of the wait time: a lineup of classic Sega games will be available on the Nintendo Switch this winter. (via Polygon)


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