Amazon ships the Hub, Twitter blows up your notifications and iPod shuffles off its non-mortal coil

Kelly Rudolph
Kelly Rudolph // July 28, 2017

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Last week in social…

Twitter is blowing up your Notifications. Back in the day your Notifications tab would notify you about how many favorites, retweets, followers and mentions you got. Now, activity from the people you follow will appear in your Notifications tab just in case they do something you don’t want to miss, like share an article or follow someone else. Depending on how frequent these notifications are, it could mean putting a lot more people on mute. (via TechCrunch)

Facebook Messenger got a makeover. One of the new features added is built-in natural language processing that detects the context of a message and decides whether a chatbot can resolve the issue or if it actually requires human customer service. Messenger also is making customers’ shopping experience more seamless by adding call-to-action buttons and setting up easier payment methods. (via Business Insider).

Twitter isn’t flying so high anymore. Twitter lost 2 million users from last quarter, bringing their overall users to 68 million. The recent decline has made investors nervous ,and Twitter’s stock went down 14 percent. Stay tuned to see what Twitter does next to win back the hearts of their audience. Prediction: It’s probably not the new notifications alert… (via Washington Post)


Last week in tech…

Genetically edited human embryos brought to you by Crispr. Crispr is a powerful gene-editing technique that has been used to make malaria-resistant mosquitos, disease-resistant tomatoes and more, but now scientists have used it on human embryos for the first time in the United States. They genetically corrected viable human embryos that originally contained mutations. Some people are suspicious of the lack of transparency of the experiment, but the man driving it all has a pretty good track record with controversial reproductive biology experiments. And if you haven’t heard of Crispr before, check out this thrilling Radiolab story for the fascinating history. (via Wired)

Apple shuffles up its iPod lineup. Say goodbye to the iPod Nano and Shuffle because as of today the two iPod models have officially been discontinued. (You knew they still make iPods, right?) Now the iPod Touch, which hasn’t changed since 2015, is the lone survivor. Rest in peace little iPods. (via Engadget)

Amazon presents The Hub. Although the name sounds like the title to a dystopian sci-fi film, The Hub is really a new delivery locker made for apartment and housing complexes. Your delivered package will be securely locked, and Amazon will send you a code to open the door to your parcel. Amazon says the Hub will work with all carriers, and can be unlocked 24/7. No more worrying about random strangers stealing your packages. (via The Verge)


Last week at Mindset Digital…

Before you hit that unfriend button, think about unfollowing instead. Everyone is all too familiar with the annoying posts from your opinionated aunt or former childhood friend, but defriending just feels too wrong sometimes. That’s where the “unfollow” button comes in. It’s the same result for your feed as unfriending someone but not as permanent—or likely to prompt any awkward family conversations at Thanksgiving.


Thank you, Internet…

Remember A-ha’s infectious 80s hit “Take On Me”? Not only will it get stuck in your head for days, but now you can recreate the song’s classic music video of a young woman getting pulled into a world of pencil sketches. Trixi Studios created an augmented reality app, thanks to Apple’s ARKit, to make it happen.