What’s the hype with Hype, why LinkedIn wants your salary and Slack just lost its edge: the week in review.

Danika Stahl
Danika Stahl // November 4, 2016

Our weekly roundup brings you a list of curated content in social, technology and Mindset Digital happenings from need-to-know news to silly social trends.

This week in social…


LinkedIn Salary is Glassdoor but, like, for LinkedIn. Want to know what you’re worth? LinkedIn has incorporated yet another feature to add value to the platform. You can now enter your position, location and salary to find out how much similar jobs in your area are getting paid (and take a look at where in the world people with your title make the most $$$). Premium members have access to the feature without entering their info. (via LinkedIn)

Vine may be dead, but Hype is doing all right. The creators of Vine released a new livestreaming app, and while it’s only available on iOS right now, it should be coming to Android soon. Livestreaming is an arguably crowded (and competitive) space already, with Facebook and Twitter as the big two. But Hype hopes to stand out and make a name for itself by offering something the other two platforms don’t: more customization. In Hype, you can create slideshows, change backgrounds and video screens. It also features a group chat and “sparkles,” which function like Periscope’s hearts. (via TechCrunch)

Meet the Twitter quitters. In what is becoming a Weekly Roundup theme, Twitter is still struggling. This week’s sad Twitter story: the head of Twitter India, Rishi Jaitly, announced he is leaving the company. And when one goes, another follows. Parminder Singh, managing director for India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, is also quitting. They both announced the news in… you guessed it, a series of tweets. (via Gizmodo)

Like vinyl records or phone booths, you might soon be able to add “jokes about the YouTube comments section” to the list of things young people won’t understand. YouTube has added a series of features designed to give more control of the comments section back over to the video creators. The features, including pinned comments and highlighted favorites, are nudges towards better behavior that come on the heels of other moderating features like user blocking and blacklists. Nobody expects the steps to remove harassment overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction. You’re next, Twitter. (via Wired)

This week in technology…


Microsoft is taking on Slack. Last week they launched Teams, a software service that allows users to chat in a virtual workspace and collaborate in real time. It looks and functions very much the same as Slack, but with one super big difference to get users on board: if you already subscribe to Microsoft Office, you can use it for free. In a passive-aggressive stroke of genius that won’t look at all ironic after Microsoft buys the company outright in a few years, Slack responded with a note to Microsoft sharing their friendly advice about creating a work chat platform. (via The Verge)

Review after review keeps coming out comparing Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. While the Echo has its merits—like solid answers to questions about current events and the voice of Alexa—the Home is winning over reviewers with its affordability and equal (some say better) ability to answer user questions. If you’re thinking about inviting one of these devices into your humble abode, maybe the Google Home is where it’s at. (via Business Insider)

Could a skin patch be the solution peanut-allergic people have been seeking? A study released last week is getting people hyped about trying nuts. Over the course of a year, researchers gave peanut patches to those with allergies and guess what? They were able to consume more nuts afterwards. What a marvelous world we live in, where someday, everyone can go nuts for peanuts. (via CNN)

This week at Mindset Digital…


Improving healthcare doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Lori Chovanak, former CEO of the Ohio Nurses Association and now Mindset Digital account director, shares her thoughts on two small changes she learned from Mindset Digital’s PatSatPlus patient experience training program that can improve patient satisfaction: taking time to check in with yourself and sitting down when talking to patients. Check out the full post here.

For your weekend…


Check out this art show with a lot of life to it. Filip Sterckx created Gallery Invasion using projectors that create a moving story using the canvases and light in this mini art show featuring monkeys, airplanes and a whole lot of cute. (via Gizmodo)

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