Why hospitals go social

Debra Jasper
Debra Jasper // March 4, 2013

Our health-care clients ask us all the time — how do our peers handle their social media efforts?

Now we know the answers, thanks to a survey that we have just completed with the Ohio Hospital Association. We’re jointly releasing A Healthy Dose of Social Media today.

The big findings:

  • At 85 percent of the hospitals in our survey, there’s no one working full time on social media. Instead, the vast majority of social media managers are full-time employees who handle social and other duties.
  • Many hospitals were budgeting more staff time and/or money for social this year. About 35 percent said they would increase their 2013 budget, and 49 percent said they would devote more time or staff members to social.
  • Building community relationships, sharing hospital news and building local reputations are the top goals. These hospitals said fundraising and issue advocacy are toward the bottom of the list.

As for the big challenge in using social?

The answers flooded back: time and staff. Although several people said they were still persuading their bosses or medical staff that social is worth the effort, most said their big challenges were supplying the resources to handle their social channels well.

To download this infographic, click here.

The full report is available here.