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Mindset Digital
Mindset Digital // August 6, 2012

We are very excited to present at YouthBuild USA’s 7th Annual Instructional Leadership Institute. We will be talking about how the global rise of digital communications has changed the world, including our classrooms. But our talk isn’t all big picture. We’ll also show off a dozen or more tools anyone could use in their classroom.

All of this is listed below, but we’d love to hear from you. In the comments, tell us about a favorite tool you can’t live without. Or what’s the number one tool you’re still looking for?

We’ll check in on this page later to see what additional resources we can offer in response to your comments.

Research/Information Sources

Creative Outreach

Resources for teachers

  • Fakebook – A free web tool that helps teachers make mock Facebook profiles of historical figures
  • Edmodo and Schoology – online platforms for managing classroom projects, tests and homework, organized to feel like Facebook
  • Social media policy of Gahanna Lincoln High School
  •’s page for teachers – an index of resources and tips for using the popular data visualization site in the classroom
  • Angry Birds Physics – Physics teacher John Burk’s blog where he outlines how he taught his class how to model gravity in the popular video game
  • Underskin – The major pathways of the body, visualized as a subway map
  • The expansion of the United States, animated – An animated map detailing the expansion of the United States from 1790 to 1959
  • Sample VoiceThreads – Videos or pictures with captions from teachers for their students
  • – site for teachers to request supplies or resources for their classrooms
  • eClicker – $15 app that allows teachers to send out questions to students’ mobile phones and get almost instant responses back about what the class does or doesn’t understand.
  • iStockphoto – online resource for images to use in PowerPoints
  • Wikimedia Commons – free database of pictures and videos
  • Google Image Search – search engine just for pictures
  • Jing – tool to create movies from what’s showing on your screen